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Monday, January 10, 2005

Disaster Relief Series

Disaster Relief ATC Series
This past week's theme at Illustration Friday was "disaster relief". The magnitude of this natural disaster really hit me this weekend. I am embarrassed to say that it's hard for me to imagine the horrible things that happen throughout the world each day because it doesn't immediately effect myself. I go on with my life as though everything is great and the super power that the United States is, will protect me. This disaster wasn't of man. There is no one we can point fingers at; no one to blame. My heart aches for the many affected by the tsunami. Words cannot accurately express the sorrow that I feel. I hurt for the parents who've lost their sweet children; the families broken apart; the dear children who will now grow up without their parent(s). I feel incredibly helpless. I wish there was something profound I could do. I wish I could wipe the tears and hug each mourner- an impossible task as the world is mourning.

Illustration Friday
I came across a website called Illustration Friday this week. It has a great concept of supplying an artist with a different theme each week to inspire him/her to create.


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