Friday, July 28, 2006

da da dum

I didn't really mean to be absent for a week.. it was actually kind of an unintentional blogging break. I actually sat down to blog a couple times but was at a loss for words. Joleen? At a loss for words? I know. I'm not in a funk but I am a bit uninspired. I haven't taken a single photograph in about two weeks. I don't feel inspired by hot, muggy, brown, ugly, dirt. I do think there are beautiful things here but there are only so many times I can photograph the same fuschia flowers.

I lost 2 lbs. my first week back on Weight Watchers. It's not a lot but it's a healthy amount. There were definitely things I could do differently which I've begun implimenting this second week. (My WW weeks go Thursday to Wednesday). I've been drinking a TON of water, which I've actually always been pretty good at but now I'm trying to be better. I've started exercising a bit and will start going to Jazzercise again. I always had fun with that and maybe I'll make a friend through it. I found a class which is really close to my house so that's even better.

It's been a hot and HUMID week but today it's supposed to cap at about 100. I can deal with that. I even took the kidlets for a walk this morning and we're talking about an afternoon swim. I know, you would think a swim could be refreshing, but it's not really when the water is 90 degrees.

Yesterday C turned 2 and tomorrow is her birthday party. Maybe I'll post photos from that. :)

PS- The photo above has nothing to do with this post but I thought it would make it less boring. It's of my studio, which coincidently I've also not stepped in for about two weeks.

Friday, July 21, 2006

I just might substitute dinner for 9 fudge bars.

121 degrees today. One hundred twenty one. I don't think God intended humans to inhabit this part of the earth. We're. So. Stupid.

Thursday, July 20, 2006

Where I'm At

Thanks for all of your compliments on the embroidery. I'm on a roll now (on my forth design). To answer your question the design is part of a "kit" called Divine Style- Savvy Stitches which I found at Michaels. You can find other designs here. Also, last night we went to the library where I checked out the book, "Embroidery: Techniques & Patterns" by Marie- Noelle Bayard. It's a good book for teaching you the various stitches and there is a great visual index in the back for easy reference.

So, I guess you can see that I didn't end up doing the week-long shape challenge afterall. I'm sorry if I've let anyone down but this is just not where I am at right now. I am really trying to a better, more well rounded person. This has involved much more quality time with my husband- cooking for each other, making a date out of visiting the library and grocery shopping, watching t.v. shows on dvd thanks to netflix, good conversation. Yesterday we decided to stop putting off our weight and health until "tomorrow". We checked out a couple healthy eating cookbooks, made ourselves a menu and headed to the grocery store with an actual list. Today we signed up for Weight Watchers online. The only meeting place nearby only meets at 8 am on Sat. and I know Alex isn't getting up for that. lol. I am very happy to be doing this again and am feeling hopeful. This is the perfect way for us to honor + celebrate ourselves and eachother.. today, our 4th anniversary together.

Wednesday, July 19, 2006


hi! yes, i'm okay. thanks for your concern. i am kind of stuck on vacation mode and am lazing around these summer days embroidering. so, i'm a little behind with the shapes but i'll catch up.

this purse arrived just before i left for las vegas last week. it's an incredibly thoughtful gift from amanda and it couldn't come at a better time. her sweet note and thoughtfulness made me cry a good cry. since then i've been toting around my wee craft everywhere. it's perfect. thank you so much, amanda. you're a great friend. xo

more later.

Thursday, July 13, 2006

{shapes week}

i've been considering another color week but thought it might be fun to try something different. so, next week i'll be posting photos with shape themes. i welcome you to join me. it'll be fun to see what creative things you choose to capture and share. please do let me know if you decide to join in! here is the lineup:

monday- circle
tuesday- square
wednesday- triangle
thursday- heart
friday- free choice

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

blue + brown coloriffic swaporama

blue + brown coloriffic swaporama
recieved from crafty mcgee! :) thank you, rose!! i LOVE it all! her photograph shows everything better. i wanted you to see that sweet handknit dress on one of my blythe dolls. i got this doll around christmas but for some reason never changed her or even named her.. still no name- gotta think about it. :)

a frequently visited subject

i find so much inspiration here on flickr
Poth (6) by lystor.
bored in raleigh by little birds.
!*`~بقايا by Mî§s Ð×ß.
untitled by marta mendes.

i know it's been all about flickr favorites and scans the last few days but i can't find any of the disks for my digi cam. well, actually, i haven't looked, but that really isn't the point. it's been an incredibly busy week with work- overtime, unpacking, + organizing. i am so looking forward to our weekend reprieve. we're leaving tomorrow after work to spend a couple days in las vegas with aimee, her husband, vince, and this couple (friends of aimee's). i have been looking forward to the nice break, adult company, drinks + games, movies, and lounging about. we're not going there to gamble but really just to take a break in good company.

above are four photographs i found on flickr that i am just incedibly inspired by. i just keep staring at every element and letting them speak to me on different levels. it's amazing how inspired you become by wanting to be inspired! i can (and like to) talk about inspiration frequently because i feel i am always evolving. i am inspired by new and different things daily. although not pictured, i am currently very inspired by peacock imagery and photographs like the one here. that's why i'm loving those earrings in the post below so much! I'd love to hear what you're inspired by today.

PS- I posted another wedding photo of the bride + groom (us)! :)

Tuesday, July 11, 2006


♥ "wishbone necklace" by dottyspeck, found at cut + paste.
♥ "pink lotus card" by jenny wren paperie (amazing designs!), found at cut + paste.
♥ "forest friend pouch" - fox by seamripper, found at fred flare.
♥ "peacock feather earrings" also at fred flare.
♥ "nautical pin pack" by fred flare.
♥ "pink zinnia book" by paper cloud.
♥ "stick it to the man pin cushion" (hilarious) by gerbera designs.
♥ "skull earrings" by ukiyo5, found at pixelgirlshop.

*don't forget to go read the new letter posted daily at {dear joleen}.
*closing signups tonight for the {hot pink + orange} fatbook!

Monday, July 10, 2006

{worth the wait}

we've finally recieved our wedding photographs
nearly two and a half years later.. and we've recieved our wedding photographs. hah! :) worth the wait.. i just LOVE this shot!

{summer weekend}

{click for photo credits}
i have been romanticising about all the truly wonderful things that happen in summer. strappy sandals, thin flowing skirts, barefoot walks, beach trips + family vacations, fresh fruit salad, couples joining in matrimony, flowers, freedom, and family time. living a bit vicariously through this soulemama's frequent trips to the beach with her babes. loving the details of this beautiful wedding.

alex and i had a wonderfully relaxing weekend together- our first weekend with nothing on the schedule for too long of a time. we slept in late, lounged around in pajamas, made fresh fruit salad together, went to an italian restaurant for spaghetti (for me) + fettuccini alfredo (for him), we watched several movies + the entire first season of grey's anatomy. (thanks, aimee!) it was really, truly a nice break. i hope you had a good weekend too!

Sunday, July 09, 2006

{knit fabric purse}

knit fabric purse
remember this thrifted fabric? i just love these colors! i've been wanting to knit with fabric for quite a while and when i saw hanna's yummy fabric "yarn" i had to finally try it myself. i made small cuts every inch and then tore, tore, tore... ah, how therapeutic. it's not sewn up yet or anything but i couldn't wait to show you. :) i plan to adorn it with this schparkley clip on earring- also from fremont flea market. ;)

Saturday, July 08, 2006

WIP: new studio

WIP: new studio
the ultimate work in progress (WIP): unpacking + organizing my new studio. that fabulous hand-dyed + handspun yarn was purchased from tracie lampe when i took her class at AFF. i purchased those fat metal needles and many of the trinkets (clip on earrings, buttons, pins/brooches, hair charms, etc.) at the fremont flea market when i spent the day with heather + sharon.
WIP: new studio
i literally rescued the shelf on the left from the dumpster at our old apartment in huntington beach. i saw it as i pulled up from work and akwardly carried it up 4 flights of stairs. ha! i've basically just stored it the last couple of years but when i moved it into my new room i realized it'd be perfect for displaying my fatbooks! i really love it! i made the yarn in the jars but haven't set the spin yet. i'm not sure i ever will- i kind of like the way it looks there. :) i purchased that awesome glitter "j" at a really cool store at the airport in seattle that sells artwork. it's made with german glass glitter which we all know is the best. ;) i clipped on one of the earrings i purchased at the fleamarket.. i hope to use the others on some of my art journals or collages. at artFIBERfest there is this room where everyone takes their purged supplies to share with others. i got some buttons, fabric remnants (some in the photograph below), and this doll here. what you don't see because it's behind the "dolls" flashcard (also purchased at fleamarket) is that this poor doll is missing an arm. she was so sad and sorry looking that i just had to adopt her. i do think she enjoys her new home.
WIP: new studio
lastly, (for now) here is my fabric stash. i got these little rolling shelves from target. there is this amazing store in issaquah, washington called pacific fabrics + crafts and while we were up there, they had a 20% off sale. oh, it was heaven. i came home with lots of the most yummy fabric by denyse schmidt with the intention of making summer skirts + my first quilt. and speaking of quilting... keep your eyes peeled for a new swap in the next couple of days.

ps- 10 more spots in the {hot pink + orange} fatbook!

Friday, July 07, 2006

{dear joleen}

i got the idea to create this blog when i was emptying my storage unit for the first time in many years. in fact, many of the boxes had been shuffled from home to home without so much as being opened. shame on me, i know. in one particular, rather large, box i found hundreds of letters and cards addressed to yours truly. yes, i'm one of those. i'm one of those people who saves handwritten notes, letters, and greeting cards- and i've had countless penpals over the years. i've finally gotten to the point (thank goodness!) that i can throw away some little papers but it just takes me a while. i like to keep little plastic drawers full of these notes... and hand addressed envelopes even. what's wrong with me? hah! but honestly, i was quite thrilled with what i found- reading them has provided me great entertainment and i hope it does for you as well.

i don't know about you but i love reading random letters. i even have a book dedicated to long lost love letters. i think they prove to be just as important as journaling, in documenting one's life. {dear joleen} is a blog in which i will showcase one letter a day for as long as it takes me to get through them all.. or until i get bored; whichever comes first. i will provide you with little to no additional information regarding the letter. many of them have dates but some do not. you should be able to tell our approximate age range by the skill of the writer + the topic. these will not be posted consecutively and i will not post letters from anyone in which i still have a relationship with. it is not my goal to embarrass anyone so last names will not be provided. i hope these letter bring you much enjoyment!

ps- thanks aimee for the positive feedback while i was brainstorming this idea. :)

{facing forward}

{facing forward}
today i was inspired by something my sister wrote about moving away from a "self-indulgent state of defeat". what a wake up call that was, as my blog (and life) have become a bit of a woe is me. i thought i was looking at the bright side and was surprised at how well (in my opinion) i handled the break in. i didn't cry once.. ok well maybe once but it was for about 10 seconds i swear. i had a phone conversation with my mother in law who gave me some wonderful advice about willing goodwill + positive thinking and really, it's helped so much. thank you, kellee. i have had an excellent week. a beautiful week. i even found myself thinking, "wow, friday already?"

yesterday i took the girls for pizza and kiddy rides where a kid can be a kid and it was actually pretty fun! C is obsessed with the little merry go round and spent most of the time on it and screaming until another token could be dropped in. last night our bosses surprised alex with an anniversary cake and the yummiest champagne- to celebrate his year with their company. then he and B (C + V's dad) went to the indoor golf course for a few hours of fun. I don't know if it was the heat or the fact that it's been a few months but we were all immediately a bit tipsy. that's some good champagne. ha! sarah + i hung around here with the girls (and baby V) and watched cheesy hollywood gossip t.v. it was really a nice evening and a pleasant surprise. :)

Wednesday, July 05, 2006


{teesha's journals}
teesha moore is an incredible inspiration to me, as she is a lot of mixed media artists. being able to meet her, to look at, TOUCH, and photograph her journals at artfiberfest... journals i've seen in countless books + magazines was really amazing!! there is one book here that's a collaboration between her and pam that she says they've been too busy to work in. this was one of my more favorite books so i say please continue, for me. lol. everyone that knows me knows that bright colors speak to me. since i've been home, although pretty quiet here, i've been arting up a storm at night. i've been trying to work on even one small thing every night before bed. these photographs and the techniques i learned were just what i needed to recharge those creative juices. teesha is 'famous' for her hot pink + orange combination and i've been wanting to do a fatbook collaboration with this theme since i saw her work in true colors. and speaking of the fatbook- we're more than 1/2 full so if you're thinking about joining, think faster. ;) *note* also, pictured above are teesha's husband, tracy's, metal journals. they're absolutely incredible! some are so wee.. i just wanted to put them in my pocket and tip toe out of there. hehe jk!! this is one creative family, i tell you.
{art journal}
above is the last page (front + back) i did in my collaborative art journal with kara + heather and i'm really quite pleased with the result. i didn't have a nail file or sanding block to alter the photograph with so i had to be a bit inventive. don't worry, the fumes only gave me a slight headache. ;) lol new collaborations starting soon + been chatting about teaching a couple all day workshops. all very exciting things for me.

oh, and got a new window installed today and i'm feeling protective. i've thought of lots of different signs to put in my car at night + none of them nice. i hate that this happened because now i'm startled by every little sound and i make alex go outside with me three times a night to make sure everything's okay. the owner of the house has been nice (which is great bc i'd be high tailin' outta here if not) and has agreed to put up outside lighting this week. hopefully us not being the darkest lot on the street now will help keep the creeps away, but we shall see.

Tuesday, July 04, 2006

{hot pink + orange fatbook}

hot-pink + orange fatbook
{click on image for original size}

Sunday, July 02, 2006


{july bday party}
today was a nice break from the weekend woes- with our july family birthday party. if you're new here, every month my extended family gathers for a joint birthday party. i have a really close knit family and we're all very busy and spread out, so it's really nice to get together... even if it isn't always the most convienent. ;) today was all about the pool and yummy food. we took C with us and she had a blast... and we came home with another extra (Sarah). she's going to stay with us for the week and she's quite thrilled about it. she shares her birthday with C at the end of the month and hers was celebrated at today's party so although her trip to the desert was spur of the moment, she had a couple pairs of clothes, some $ + giftcards, and permission to come back altered. ;) she wants to dye her hair so sometime this week that'll happen. dun dun dun dun...

thanks for all the kind words regarding yesterday's post. i cannot believe how many people this happens to. it's really appalling and quite frankly, ridiculous. moki hit it on the nail when she asked, "wouldn't you rather they just knocked on the door and said "hey, I want your ipod...should I break the window are you just going to get it for me?" i said the very same thing to alex. instead of just costing $300 to replace the dang thing we now have to pay for the window, possibly the door lock on that side.. plus i'm all paranoid now. here's the thing i realized after i blogged yesterday- i was upset the night before and came in the house without grabbing my wallet.. so the wallet and ipod were just too much of a temptation i guess. i spent yesterday at the bank changing my account and on the phone with my CC company. the thief went straight to the gas station and filled up (ugh!) but that can be disputed. AMEX is pretty good about things like that. I just have to go to the DMV sometime this week to change my number (double ugh)... so really I could care less about the damn ipod.. all the trouble this has caused + having to learn all these new numbers is really the pain. just about as bad as being towed from my own driveway.. twice. lol

Saturday, July 01, 2006

Reason #542; Why I Hate La Quinta

Reason #542 Why I Hate La Quinta
Our poor two month old envoy denali was broken into at 4:45 am in front of the house we moved into two weeks ago for a freakin' ipod.