Wednesday, August 31, 2005

bird print

domino mag
I've been wanting this bird art print since I saw it in this month's Domino magazine. I already have this one! I was bummed when it wasn't for sale on the website. My mom is so awesome she checked her local Urban Outfitters today and when they didn't have it tracked it down for me. (Thank you!)

Condo update: We went to the new place today to sign the lease and make everything official! Last night we got all of the paint and supplies. I am so excited! Before photos will be posted today or tomorrow. Which means... I found my camera charger! Yay!! :)

Tuesday, August 30, 2005

an art challenge

an art challenge
Today I made twenty-two packages similar to this with these instructions: "an art challenge: make a mixed media collage using at least part of ea. of these. use some kind of paint. add whatever you wish. scan/photograph + email to me."

ps- i REALLY want this book! AND this one!

self portrait tuesday- fourteen

(click image to see clearer/enlarged)
I've now been without my camera for a couple of weeks but I found these photographs while packing and thought they'd work for this week's self portrait Tuesday. This is me at age fourteen. I've looked so much the same throughout my life but age fourteen was such an awkward age, as with most people! Behind that smile are braces. Notice the overalls and scrunchie! Too funny. :) My mom has a tradition with us that around age 13 or 14 she takes us for "glamour shots". The top photograph was from that.

I made this with last week's contribution to self portrait tuesday:
This was my first time playing with canvas paper and I'm in love!! :) It was such a fun base. I mostly used acrylic paints and rubber stamps. Alex told me that it's his favorite thing I've ever made and asked me if he could have it. He wants me to frame it for his office.

Monday, August 29, 2005

this weekend

  1. paid bills
  2. went to the post office
  3. got a smog check
  4. created a quick journal
  5. washed both cars
  6. got a pedicure
  7. made a tag for the ever-so-talented Donna Downey, found here
  8. took in the dry cleaning
  9. bought alex a shirt and belt at loehman's
  10. went to target to [actually] get canvas paper
  11. made inside cover and title page for "Woman" Collaborative Journal
    WOMAN- Collaborative Journal
  12. finished my journal! Sept. 13th- Aug. 28th - find last entry here
  13. took two baths
  14. had "coming together" chunky book bound to be auctioned next week!!
  15. went to staples for an lcd monitor cleaner (my laptop screen was diiiiiirty!)

Sunday, August 28, 2005


I got the idea to create this "quick journal" here. So, armed with my old Lucky magazines, I cut images I liked (and that left room for journaling) into 5" x 5". Then I took the book to be bound ($5 at Kinko's). I used rub on letters to write "naked" on the clear cover and the back is a sheet of black vinyl. I loved this image for the cover. It comes from a Prada advertisement.

PS- Do something from this list this week. Then, let me know what you did and how it went! :)

Saturday, August 27, 2005


Please click on the image and then "All Sizes" to see at a larger size!! :)

Today I started a "scrapbook/journal" of things I'd like to incorporate (my wishlist) for our new place. As soon as I can I plan on adding before and after photos as to this book as well.

This mixed media collage quickly took on a life of it's own. When I realized about half way through that it was taking on the "dreams" theme I thought it would be perfect as this week's Illustration Friday contribution!


swap from miriam
swap from miriam in portugal! thank you!! :)

Friday, August 26, 2005

paint party!

paint party
if you're in socal and want to help- i'd love to meet you and will love you forever! ;) ps- email for address.

stephanie's garden

stephanie's garden
This was a collaborative mixed media collage my sister, Sarah, (age 13) and I made. She drew it with a pen and I added color and collage items.

Thursday, August 25, 2005

when it rains...

sketch pours. And I don't mean the weather! How was your evening, you ask? Well let me tell you. I got off from work early and since we're commuting together right now headed over to my DH's job to wait the half hour until he got off. Nearly two hours later my sister and I left to go to TJ Max 'N More and through the drive-through. It was a very sloooooow moving one. Once we managed to crawl our way to order there is a sign stating that the ATM is not working. Well, ahh!
Me: The ATM isn't working?
Cashier: Nope.
Me: Credit cards?
Cashier: Nope.
Me: So you are only taking cash?
Cashier: There's an ATM inside.
Me: Uuuuuh, ok. I'll order and pay inside.
So, I wait and wait and wait and then am finally freed from the line to park and go inside.
Me: If the ATM isn't working in the drive through you should really take that ATM sign down that's located before you enter the line, that way people won't get stuck.
Cashier: *rolled eyes*
Me: *gasp*
She proceeds to get my order together and I notice something odd.
Me: What the heck is she doing?
Person beside me: The soda machine is broken so they're pouring from 2 liters.
Me: Well that stinks but I paid for Barq's Rootbeer not A&W. (I'm sorry but I MUCH prefer the previous).
I am really annoyed by now. I get my order and am on my way out when an animated speaker almost backhands me. I make my way safely to my car and we leave. We're on the freeway when I discover that half of my order is missing. Shit. #$@% and ^$%@! I am seriously considering purchasing a shotgun and revisiting the drive through at this point. It's an hour later that it dawns on me.
Me: omg,OMG!
Them: What?
Remember the rock throwers?? Cash for the car wash... yeah. Dang it.


So, I had gone outside to "supervise" the packing up of my car before leaving work for the weekend. Sarah was over and helping me out. I went to walk back in the house when she said a neighbor was calling me. I turned around as the next door neighbor walked up.

She said, "We have a situation," and proceeded to tell me that her oldest son (around age seven) and his friend had been throwing dirt clumps/rocks. I thought, "Uh oh... I wonder if they broke a house window and we just didn't hear it". "They hit your car", she said, looking very upset. She said they would pay for the car wash so we can access any damage and offered to pay for that as well. She was so apologetic, especially since she knew it was a new car and had seen my old one. I asked, "Are you okay?" I considered giving her a hug just as she started to turn away. She said the boys would be up to apologize in a minute. When she left I couldn't help but laugh at the entire situation and thought to myself, "BOYS!"

Then the boys came to the door, with blank (scared?) looks on their faces. The one of the left stayed perfectly silent while the other one said, "Here," and handed me a small wad of cash. Then. They left. Having never said, "I'm sorry," the little shits.

Dear Lord,
You know the desires of my heart.
Please, PLEASE no boys!

{fun fonts}

I've come across some fun font websites this week that I have to share with you! typoGenerator is a fun website where you type in a word and it displays it in different ways for you.

If you want to create your own fun fonts using your own handwriting for only $9 go to fontifier. It is such a quick and easy process and fun too!

misprinted type 3.0
misprinted type 3.0 has the most awesome fonts for free! They're awesome and perfect for your scrapbooking and altered art. To answer your question, Joy, the word "wish" in the previous post is from one of these fonts! :)

Wednesday, August 24, 2005


I just came home from Target in which I found something amazing! I'm sure I'm like the last person on earth to know about this, but did you know there was such a thing as "canvas paper"? Not watercolor paper but canvas paper. Well, I had not and it was very exciting to find! So I buy it and venture all the way home only to discover that the one I grabbed underneath the top and bent one was a WATERCOLOR pad. Arrrrgh! Target isn't the closest store so I'm so totally bummed. Today wasn't exactly how I had planned and where all of my personal belongings (i.e. laptop, journal, + art journal) are at work the baby is here overnight. After a day of cleaning/packing I thought it would be nice to do a page using my new canvas paper but nooooo. Well, fine then. :P

art journal group

I've just recently created an Art Journal group over on flickr. I couldn't believe there wasn't one already! If you keep an art journal or are interested in starting one this group is for you! :) Share pages, tips, and ideas for/from your art journals!

"wish"- mixed media collage in my art journal.. it came out a little blurry because the binding made it hard to scan. created using magazine cutouts, a vintage book page and music score, japanese text, a postage stamp, a printed word, ink, and colored pencil.

Tuesday, August 23, 2005

self portrait tuesday- reflection

I have been without my digi cam for several days now. Somewhere in the midst of my move and otherwise hectic life I've misplaced my battery charger and spare. I was lucky enough to find this "old" self portrait on my computer. It just so happens to be the same theme as this week's Illustration Friday. My own illustration for this theme is here.

I took this photograph in my bathroom when I was living in L.A. Notice the towel bar again- well actually a towel this time. This was taken sometime between late 2003 and very early 2004. I was 30+ lbs. less than I am now and not yet married. I was happier with myself/body at this time, too.

Uh, sorry for the "boob shot", Mom. ;)

Monday, August 22, 2005

new place


Well, with everything going on I haven't had a chance to tell you that we found a place! It's a two bedroom/ two bathroom condo a mile and a half from work! :) Sure beats our current hour and a half commute a day!!! We are renting but we get to have a say on all the fun stuff like paint. Yay! :) Here are some samples of what we're currently considering. If you click on the image of the samples you can see which specific colors and for which rooms of the condo. We are very excited!
I want this bird-cut armoire SOOOOOO bad! Isn't it gorgeous?? :) My "wish list" from Anthropologie is super long but this is by far my favorite thing. Ever.

I made this mixed media collage for my art journal using a catalog image, two postage stamps, printed specialty paper, computer printed word on vintage advertisement, and acrylic paint on watercolor paper.

Oh, oh, oh! The best part?? The second room will be my craft room/studio! You have no idea how much I need and want this. I cannot wait. Simply cannot.

"Before" photos soon.

[mixed media] collage

(please click images to view larger)
[left to right]
1. "true"- is this too busy??

collage using various ephemera , origami paper, japanese text, a postage stamp, other images, and ink on 8.5" x 11.5" kraft cardstock for my art journal.

2. "verde"- is this finished?

i feel like maybe i should write something in all that open space. sometimes (like now) i just don't know when to stop.

collage using a vintage advertisement, music score, and page of a book, catalog images, a sticker, and ink on 8.5" x 11" cardstock for my art journal.

3. "scent"- mixed media collage for art journal. acrylic paint, vintage and modern advertisements, and ink on watercolor paper. i really love this one.

Sunday, August 21, 2005

photo friday- "one"

hole in one
I've been wanting to participate in photo friday for sometime now but kept forgetting to check for the weekly theme. This week I am without a charged camera but when I saw that the theme was "One" I had to use this photo. I took this photograph during a family birthday party in February where we went minature golfing.


It has been SO long since I had a proper Illustration Friday contribution. I've either been without ideas, a scanner, or supplies for weeks. This week's theme is "Reflection". I chose to make an illustration depicting journaling since that's something important to me and my own self-reflection. You can find some of my journal entries here.


It's been WAY too long since we've had a shop update! I promise an update is coming VERY soon! Lots of new art prints! :) Meanwhile, we're having a SALE! Get your Raindrop Stationary Sets for only $10.00 (that's $4.00 off!!) for a limited time!!

Saturday, August 20, 2005


life ATC
my favorite thing about trades (ATCs or otherwise) and really the internet community in general, is making friends around the globe. it's amazing. monday i have letters, atcs, + packages travelling to the following countries: usa, singapore, ireland, france, the netherlands, switzerland, australia, germany, canada, new zealand, england, and finland. amazing.

ps- i made 20 of these ATCs for a sister trading cards swap. all stamps are stampin' up! but the leaves which i made.


isn't my youngest sister beautiful?
she's one of my favorite photography subjects and
i just love how this turned out.

Friday, August 19, 2005

good in bed

i've just completed reading my third book in as many weeks- good in bed, by jennifer weiner. i'm thinking "chick lit" wasn't the best follow-up to the ever-amazing time traveler's wife. i was half way through the book before i was really captured by the story and characters. then, without any warning, i could relate to this character- with her father + weight issues. i thought it was a decent book- entertaining enough. not as good as weiner's little earthquakes or in her shoes. i still intend to read goodnight, nobody...eventually.

i had so much feedback on good books out there (thank you!)- i can't wait to start on my new list. i decided to read the poisonwood bible by barbara kingslover first, and purchased it during today's trip to barnes and nobel.
i need this.


strawberry mist yoplait whips!, "light and fluffy", with kraft cool whip, "whipped topping", lite

Thursday, August 18, 2005

forty of my favorite things

  1. my husband
  2. my family
  3. internet friends
  4. documenting my charges life in photographs
    poissons de bébé
  5. photography/photojournalism
  6. grilled cheese sandwiches
  7. journaling
  8. art
  9. green olives
  10. lip gloss
  11. painting/drawing
  12. blogs- keeping my own and reading other’s
  13. the beach
  14. Japanese craft books
  15. hello kitty
  16. thrift store shopping
  17. movies
  18. deviled eggs
  19. trading/swapping
  20. receiving happy mail
  21. flickr
  22. disneyland
  23. reading
  24. bookstores
  25. pens/markers
  26. my tahoe
  27. vacations
  28. community service
  29. shopping indie
  30. cheesecake
  31. bohemian
  32. handwritten letters
  33. abc soaps (I know)
  34. law & order
  35. going on dates with my husband
  36. photographing my sisters
  37. trading/collecting ATCs
  38. shopping magazines (i.e.- lucky + domino)
  39. targét
  40. lots o’ comments on my blog!

Wednesday, August 17, 2005

"Woman" Collaborative Journal

Sign ups for our new project begin now. Please post your name and email address at our flickr group. If you don't have flickr and don't want to sign up (it's free) please email me with your information so that I can add it to the group. The way it will work is that the person working on the journal currently will email the next person on the list for his/her snail mail address. You are responsible for the cost of shipping to the following person. The journal will go through the entire list until we're done and then will be sent back to me. I will then scan each of the pages and tell you when I am going to auction the journal.

We are going to go with Emma’s idea for our theme. The title is “Woman” and should represent- “the wonders and difficulties of growing up into a woman in this day and age. Kind of an universal theme and then again interesting since participants are different ages and different parts of the world. And what does womanhood mean to different individuals? motherhood, finding love/relationship, surviving independently economically and otherwise, growing to feel comfortable in our own skin and body.” If you’re a man- please don’t shy away from participating! Do a page on what you think of today’s woman or of a woman important in your own life.

You are welcome to use any type of medium you like and are comfortable with. Or, try something new! Journal, paint, do photography, use pastels, colored pencils, collage, etc. The possibilities are endless. I ask that you only do a one or two page layout (two being the back of the previous page and then the current page). PLEASE DO NOT WRITE OR TAMPER WITH ANYONE ELSE’S ART!

Somewhere on your layout please include your first and last name, your location, and your email address.

Please keep the journal for no longer than one week before passing it on!

All proceeds benefit Unicef and their fight for Girl’s Education around the globe!

Please feel free to share any questions or comments you have. I am so excited about this project!! Thank you for participating!

To view scans of our last project: "Coming Together" a chunky book- go here!

urbanized nature

I made this painting for my sister, Sarah, in 2002. It's a mixed media painting using acrylic paints and wire on a 16" x 20" canvas. I have no idea what I ended up naming it. Mom? :) What an odd name I gave it....

Tuesday, August 16, 2005

for your amusement....


acrylic painting on 12" x 12" woodblock.

I made this painting last night. It's a completely different style than I've ever done and I really like it. It's hard to explain but I felt so free doing this. There were no rules; no "staying-in-the-lines". I really enjoyed creating this. I know the topic is grim but I think it's honest and beautiful.

self portrait tuesday- a favorite pastime

self portait tuesday- a favorite pastime
My favorite pastime is reading. I've enjoyed reading since I was able to. As a child I could be found lying on the couch with a book. I would walk with it. It would join me at the dinner table. ("Joleen, put the book down. We're eating.") When I was in trouble I was grounded from reading because that's what I loved to do. In school I was one of those annoying kids that enjoyed every single book we were ever required to read.

Now I go through times where I don't read at all- for months. Then there are times, like now, where I can't seem to get enough. I just finished the book in the photograph (The Time Traveler's Wife) and it was one of the best books I have ever read. I like to wait a little while before starting a new book because I like to think about the previous one. I like to ask myself a million questions. I like to consider what might have happened after.

Tell me about a truly great book that you've read, recently or years ago. I am always looking for a good book!

Monday, August 15, 2005


solitude journal

I went to the beach alone for a couple of hours yesterday evening. I brought my tote bag full of markers + pens to journal and my camera to take photos of unexpecting passerby. siblings
daddy + daughter seagull

Sunday, August 14, 2005

artist trading cards

Today I sat down to make a few artist trading cards (ATCs). It's been a while. I only made three but I am most happy with this paper pieced tree/landscape. I just love origami paper- such beautiful patterns and colors available!
atc collection
atc collection

For those of you who still don't know what an ATC is- get with it! :) Hehe. These small scale works of art are often the perfect size (3.5" x 2.5") to inspire people to create. I have two binders with over 300 cards I've traded with people all around the world, and these are some samples.
atc collection
atc collection

(Click images to enlarge) Trading ATCs makes the world seem so small. I am constantly in awe at the creativity and diversity out there. Everyone has their own style and it's beautiful. If you've never tried making one- give it a go! Here is a template for you to get 10 to a page (versus 9). Be sure to check out Sister Trading Cards which is hosted on a continual basis by Ms. Cat Schick in Switzerland. And, just for good measure, here is the flickr group. Have fun! Create! Lemme see what you do and be sure to trade me or I'll be sad! ;)

we are sisters

we look alike and yet so different
she looks like mom with her middle eastern features, her skin tone, her glasses
i look like dad with that pale hispanic complexion and chubby cheeks
we have the same forehead
she's just an inch shorter
my feet two sizes bigger
i haven't been her size since high school
she is my friend
we share secrets and memories
hurt and pain
happiness and pure joy
we share love
we are sisters