Thursday, June 29, 2006

{AFF classes}

Tracy Lampe
The first class I took at AFF was "Funky Chunky Yarn Lumps" with Tracy Lampe. I've been wanting to learn to spin my own funky yarn for well over a year now so I was quite excited about this class. It was a fun class and surprisely very easy to learn once you get the hang of it. I felt this class could have been a half day for what you learn but that's okay.. I managed to spin three wee skeins. That night I started a longer one but then my drop spindle broke.. I keep meaning to email her for another. hmph.
Traci Bautista
The second day of classes, I took Traci Bautista's "Butterfly Flower Graffiti Journal". That class was right up my alley with the bright colors. I learned some great techniques and really, it's a freeing class. Tracy encourages you not to think and just to do and I need that. My little 5 lb. Janome Sew Mini worked awesome for this class. The wee sewing machine, by the way, was great for this trip. It's the perfect sewing machine for going back and forth between paper and fabric since $55 is virtually expendable (vs. say $300) plus travelling at only 5 lb. is awesome. I carried mine on the plane but Heather checked hers and it was just fine on the other side. Anyway, I didn't finish my journal (should be a two day class) but I am well on my way. I embellished (beaded) the covers and finished my signature covers (to hold pages) that day and last night I worked on some pages to fill it. Slowly but surely!
DJ Pettitt
The third class I took at AFF was, by far, my favorite. I took "Traveling Chic Purse" with DJ Pettitt. I didn't even come CLOSE to finishing my purse but it was still an amazing class. I learned the most wonderful + useful technique that I can use for other projects too. Oh, and I used my papers I made in Traci's class which was fun and made the projects coordinate! ;) I know it's not terribly PC but DJ was by FAR my favorite teacher and class. She is absolutely amazing. She's a great teacher- fabulous communication and instruction. She is incredibly friendly! She wasn't clique-y like some teachers can be. She treats you like a friend and equal... even as this well known + published artist. She was simply amazing and I'd take a class from her anytime, anywhere.

Wednesday, June 28, 2006

ok, let's try this again...

i know it's only been a few minutes since my last post but i need to just decide i'm not going to be in a funk. no one has even read the post but i feel like i shouldn't delete it because it's the truth and my life and how can i document it if i'm erasing the ugly? and speaking of documenting - i've been journaling (the old fashion way) these last few days and have been enjoying it quite a bit. it's nice not to have an audience occasionally. it's nice to be free and creative + without the structured format of a blog. but then again it's nice to be talking to someone instead of the cheesy conversations i seem to have with lined paper in a notebook. yes, i'm a dear diary sort of gal, more or less.

the best thing about AFF for me was the people. i haven't met a single soul since we moved here but that really isn't an excuse because i can't remember the last time i made local friends anyway. artfiberfest was a way for me to connect to the outside world and more importantly a world in which i co-exist quite beautifully. I was so tickled by people that introduced themselves knowing who i was through my blog or flickr account + what i looked like (thanks to the daily photos of myself here in right away when heather and i were walking down the hall i hear a friendly, "hi joleen!" and i'm trying to figure out who it is without looking like a complete moron because surely i should know this person. and i do! i just didn't know what pam garrison looked like... she's as beautiful + friendly as i thought, although i have to admit for some reason i thought she'd be blonde. lol. it's so funny the preconcieved notions you have sometimes isn't it? i met several other lovely women this way and i just really want to thank you. it was really special to me to meet people that take the time to know me through here. you are my most special of friends.

more tomorrow. xo goodnight!


so here you are sitting on pins and needles, waiting ever-so-patiently for word of artfiberfest and *gasp* still nothing from me. i'm sorry friends. i haven't been myself these last few days- perpetually tired with absolutely no energy. no desire to read. no desire to write. barely a desire to art (which i did for all of five minutes tonight). i'm not sad but i'm not happy. i'm just kind of here and unmotivated and i can't really tell you why because i haven't a clue. just feelin' a bit funky. argh. snap out of it, joleen.

Monday, June 26, 2006

did ya miss me?

I'm back from artFIBERfest now and it was AMAZING!! :) I met such fabulous people and made great friends. It was so wonderful to meet people from here and flickr. The classes I took taught me great techniques. I scored tons of goodies from other artists, the huge fabric store up there, the japanese bookstore in seattle, the street fair/ flea market in fremont... it was a truly wonderful experience and I can't wait to share more with you throughout the week! Big hugs to everyone I met!! xo

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

going on a jet plane...

to artFIBERfest... and i'll be back on monday! i really enjoyed the conversation we had in the last post and look forward to continuing it when i return. also, if you subscribe to portals or purchased the second issue please note that it will not be shipping until july 1st. please read here for more information. thanks again for your continued support. i'll miss you! xo

ps-illustration by teesha moore.

Monday, June 19, 2006

why do you read?

i often think about the concept of blogging. "why do you blog?" is a frequently asked question online and i find myself wondering, "why do you read?" not necessarily my blog, but really any blog in general. time is precious and here you are spending it with me. i can truly appreciate that. so i ask, why do you read? what makes a great blog, a great blog? what types of things keep you coming back? what is one of your absolute favorite reads + why?

things that are good.

i just want to snuggle up in the goodness of these photographs.
today i just want to snuggle up in the goodness of these photographs (click for photo credits) & a few of the many good things in my life...
lots of cuddling + kisses from C after not seeing her for over a week
sharing a *beautiful* sunday with my brad (step dad), mom, and sister, aimee
yummy bbq + fruit... and more fruit today
my new closet - ah, swoon
ARTfiberFEST in just two short days

Sunday, June 18, 2006

{dead tired}

dead tired
this move has been the longest; the most work; the most expensive.. and the best. we've accumulated so much over the years and this time we actually spent the time to PURGE as we packed. we probably trashed a good 30 bags but we also donated a TON... 5 bags of clothes, about the same amount in boxes of randomness, a desk and chair, washer and drier, refrigerator, a car! it's felt really good and invigorating. the last week has just been insane with long hours everday so when alex went to lie down this evening it was well deserved! ...and too sweet to pass up snapping this pic.. :)

dear dad - pt. ii

dear dad - pt. ii
dear dad,

father's day has always been an uncomfortable day for me. i never know what to do; how to feel; how to act. i've never felt those feelings of true appreciation like i do that special day in may. it's sad and i feel left out- like there's been a joke said that i just don't get. i'm not writing this to hurt your feelings, it's just simply the truth. father's day makes me incredibly sad.

it has been almost a year and a half since i've seen you last. it was a year before you even called. in the beginning i spent a lot of time wondering if you ever thought about me. wondering if you were too inebriated that night to even remember our argument. wondering if you cared. and then you stopped occupying my thoughts. i stopped hoping you'd call. i'd resolved to never hearing from you again. then i began hoping i wouldn't. i was beginning to accept how things were and be "comfortable" with the idea. sure, it made me sad but i stopped crying. i stopped feeling sorry for myself.

then, exactly a year from that night (my birthday) you called and completely caught me off gaurd. i had no idea how to respond and was understandably too flustered for conversation. i was mad because i couldn't say you hadn't called. i was upset because you didn't get it. i was confused because i hadn't thought of how our relationship would be if you ever did call. i was tired of my world being turned upside down whenever you decided it was convienent to play dad.

today i am not angry. today i understand our relationship. today i know the most i can expect... and the least. today i appreciate the truth and i don't expect differently. i still think of you and i hope i make you proud. i still love you today and everyday.

- joleen

(part one found here. neither letter sent.)

Thursday, June 15, 2006


the theme for the forth day of color week 2 is blue. this was also taken last nov. in lake tahoe. wish i was here today and well rested.

alex and i finished packing up the truck and cleaning all day yesterday and worked until 3:15 this morning. between having to make a stop for work (gah) and the long drive to the new place, we weren't in bed until 7:30. ah!

right now, i am sitting here, 5 hours later totally exhausted but we decided to treat ourselves to movers to empty the truck so all i have to do is sit pretty and delegate. i can do this. lol

Wednesday, June 14, 2006


the theme for the third day of color week 2 is black/grey but not a b+w photo. well i'm using a b+w but i think it's ok since i'm wearing a black top, have on silver/grey eyeshadow, and have black hair here, so there. lol jk. :)

moving has been insane but the end is in sight! after 15 hours of working we're going to bed.. it's going to be an even longer day tomorrow! yikes.

but i do love this man. :)

Tuesday, June 13, 2006


The theme for the second day of color week 2 is brown. I've been seeing a lot of that lately in the way of packing boxes. I thought an image of something beautiful was in order. This was from our vacation in Lake Tahoe, NV in November '05. This image represents calm + peace and I wish both for you today.

Monday, June 12, 2006


"The world always looks brighter from behind a smile. "
- Author Unknown
The theme for the first day of color week 2 is white. I was looking through my photographs when this one jumped out of me. This woman danced at my grandparent's wedding vow renewal and I remember thinking, "Wow, she seems like such a happy person". A smile that lights up your face has a special way of touching the heart of others, don't you think?

Sunday, June 11, 2006

{PORTALS} sneak peek

{sneak peek}
Heather and I have been busy all day trying to tie up the loose ends of the 2nd issue of Portals. Oh, how this made moving now even more insane. I've spent about 12 hours on my computer today pluggin' in + designing articles. I was so determined to finish today so I can just focus on the move. I got a ton done! I only have one more 2 pg. layout to do. This issue is looking AMAZING and I really wanted to show you a sneak peek. If you haven't purchased your copy yet, head on over to the website to order now. It's a limited edition mixed media zine and due to be released on the 15th!

Saturday, June 10, 2006

life's a beach (2004)

this is
this is...
i want
...i want...
to be be

Wednesday, June 07, 2006

{mama caliente}

{click on the image to see entire photograph. i ♥ target. no pop art today but this is my self portrait this week. :)}
what is UP with blogger these last couple of days? it's not just me, right? oy. anywho. we got the house! i sound like we bought it but even as renters i'm still relieved and excited to at least have a nice place in this city on the sun. supposedly it's been a cooler week... 100 degrees until 11 pm doesn't sound very cool to me. how 'bout you? nope. didn't think so. thank you, jesus (or whoever invented air conditioning)! it's definitely a godsend here!

we've been staying at our new place this week (on an air mattress in the living room) while we work. we have all of next week to finish packing + move (well, alex has to work a bit of it) so hopefully everything will run smoothly. someone is coming to help me on tuesday so it'll be great to have an extra set of hands. we still have to transfer most of the utilities (they're on under the homeowner now), turn everything off at the old place + have it cleaned. i've decided not to go on the girl's stateline trip this weekend (*sniff*) so i can work on everything. ah well, next year! :)

"c" is a little fish in her new pool. the pool at their house is absolutely beautiful and perfect for the wee swimmer and myself. i'm *hoping* that we can get out there 2-3 times a week. that's my kind of exercise!

well, that's the update for now. i'll be posting more photos this week + also announcing a new, fun swap! keep your little eyeballs peeled. ha! what an expression...

ps- finished reading the time traveler's wife (2nd time) and it was just so amazing. i get more from the book every time i read it + honestly look forward to reading it again sometime. i've never been so utterly in love with a book before. after things settle a bit i will start reading a tree grows in brooklyn.

Monday, June 05, 2006

be inspired.

finally, blogger is workin' again!
{be inspired}
{click on images for photograph credits}
{be inspired}
today i'm being inspired by:
treats and treasures- collaged/handwritten posts; incredibly creative!
saltwater princess via jes- wonderfully written: honest + raw
inspiration engine- amazing color + great mixed media artwork
hello my name is heather- wonderful crafts + lovely photos
something to say- the most beautiful photographs
bitty blooms
art by naomi
pink bathtub designs
room service home via holly's plate
i'm smitten

Sunday, June 04, 2006

snail mail...

makes me one happy girl!
{from moki}
recieved these goodies from moki for a trade we arranged. she hand painted the bird and my name on that chalkboard. she included two of her gocco prints, pretty papers, stickers, and a wee "j" notebook. everything is so beautiful + i love it! thank you, moki.
{from erin}
this book and necklace are from my dear friend, erin. she also sent me the earrings on her homepage (click on her name) + the ones I'm wearing in this photograph. it's such a touching + thoughful gift. thank you so much, erin.
{from vanessa}
aren't these fabulous? this is from vanessa of gerbera designs. she is so talented! i especially love my wee log cabin pouch! thank you so much, vanessa. your goodies will be coming shortly.
{from heather}
these are pretties that heather sent me - a beautiful mixed media tag, pearl "j", and flat backed hat pins for artwork. I also recieved my order of fabulous artwork from her shop. thank you, heather!

{la quinta, calif.}

house hunting went very well. of course it was the hottest day of the year so far (112!! ack) but we struck gold in the very first (and only) home we went inside of - a great place to rent in la quinta (for the next year of so).. 3 bd 2 bath.. just shy of 2300 sq ft.. it's newly renovated, new appliances (still with tags!), 18" travertine floors in kitchen, bathrooms, and great room, covered patio for my outside room. ;) the master suite is massive.. two areas for bedroom section + sitting room/office. french doors lead to side patio from the master and great room.

it's so nice that we won't have to do any work (panting, etc) at this house and can just move in. we're both very excited about the place. it isn't 100% until the keys are in hand early next week so i'm just hoping everything works out! i hope to be able to show you it furnished here in the next month. thanks for all your well wishes! :)

hope you have a beautiful sunday!