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Sunday, December 18, 2005

yummy yarn ♥

I'm trying to raise money and have permission from heidi of my paper crane to resell her GORGEOUS yarns I haven't used yet.

description: handspun, handyed wool yarn, thick and thin in a variety of lush, vibrant colors! top, left yarn has white sparkly pom poms throughout it and the yarn on the upper left has big fluffy green bits. these yarns are incredibly soft and i've made many beautiful scarves using them! i don't recall the exact lengths but i believe they're 70 + yards.

$35 each - email to buy SOLD

thanks! ♥


Anonymous jillian said...

would you mind if i used your photos of your yarn to make avatars..? theyre beautiful.. and ive been inspired. id give you credit if youd like?
please email me back at jnbray@exeter.edu if you can.. thanks!

8:00 PM  

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