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Friday, December 09, 2005

♥ fab finds under $25

how is your holiday shopping going as the "shopping season" begins to wrap up (teehee)? i hope you ♥ all these fab finds (and that they're helpful)! have you found anything fun, fab, or funky that you'd like to share?!
{fab finds under $25}
♥ glitter dot necklaces from glamscience found at plain mabel
♥ blueberry boucle knit scarf by copacetique
♥ robin's egg dot ribbon belt by lindsay designs
♥ winter catgirl print by the black apple
♥ bead kit by earthenwood found on crafters for critters
♥ apple wrist cuff by coffee drinker found on plain mabel
♥ milk dolls by my paper crane found on plain mabel
♥ shuffle peels by lime
♥ freckle berrr by axelhoney found on cut + paste
♥ "i'll keep you warm" art print by momomoogie
♥ selfless stationery by three snails
♥ red hood glass mirror by axelhoney found on my favorite mirror
♥ wish tags by maize hutton
♥ faceted smokey quartz earrings by adorneya
♥ herbal, fruit, and rooibos tea by herb + ginger

p.s.- don't forget to check out these stocking stuffer ideas!
p.s.s.- have a great weekend!


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