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Tuesday, November 21, 2006

{thank you}

just a couple of things before i retire for the night. i want to thank you for your encouragement a couple posts back (and always!)- i love knowing i can come to you and get understanding, sympathy, and validation when i need it. thank you. thank you, also, for sharing in my joy over having received such a perfect gift. i'm getting over the being-too-intimidated-to-use-it phase. i'm ready to try + to learn. let me just tell you, this camera is amazing.. the color, clarity- stunning. images turn out the way i want them, without any work in photoshop.. woot! above, is a photo of the pup at work- chanel. she's huge, but yes, she's still a pup! she's only a year old and just going to get bigger. she's beautiful.. but she doesn't like me or listen to me so that makes photographing her tough! lol
i've been playing around with the focus a lot since that wasn't really a capability of my previous camera.. neither were macro shots.. and boy are they with this one! i really intended on the focus of this photograph to be on my shoes.. lol.. but i'm just learning! i still like the shot. i think it makes my legs look long (ha!). i have two pair of these jeans because they're a favorite and i spilled bleach on this first pair.... that i still wear anyway.
and lastly, a photograph of darina. (i couldn't leave out a doll now could i?) she's the only one i've taken out with the camera so far. the weather and lighting were perfect for these shots. it's finally "cooling down" (still in the 80's, ugh). you can see more of these, here. and here is one i took of her last night with lights..

ps- one of my feeds for bloglines isn't working and i can't figure out how to fix it (i've even tried republishing the blog). unfortunately it's how the majority of you see that i've updated. :/ frustrating..


Anonymous starlakitty said...

I really like the photograph of your legs. And the comment about you spilling bleach on your pants made me laugh -- I have bleach spots on half of my clothes. Doesn't stop me from wearing them though. ;-)

3:20 PM  

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