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Saturday, February 19, 2005

all that good stuff

goodies up close

goodies buttons and birdies hod podge peach

It's been such a fun shopping week for me! :D These are some of my favorite goodies. I bought the beautiful, fun & funky, fabtabulous handspun yarns today from My Paper Crane. (Thanks, Heidi!). The other two yarns (pictured at the top) were fun yarns I found at Michael's. They're all that's left after making a funky scarf! :) The ribbons were found on my way out of the store in the $1 bin! :) Aren't they fun?? The beads were in the clearance section. (Don't know what they're for yet. hehe) And, the cute little pink birdies were in their new Easter section. Aren't those ceramic birdies sweet? :) Believe it or not that's from Michael's too! I think it's so cute! We're actually using it to hold our rings on the bar above the sink in our kitchen. Now, how fun are those buttons?! That's only a small portion of awesome vintage buttons I bought in random bags! (They're there for the picture only). Lastly, the fabric was all found at Ikea of all places. :D You can buy fabric by the yard there. A few of them are from that, two from pillow cases I intend to use otherwise, and a few from their "as is" section! Those were the best deals! :)

Today, Alex, and I went to Target for plastic storage drawers! Those babies are not cheap! We ended up getting 6 of these for all of my craftilicous supplies. We're not using the wheels so if you think you can use 'em and you want 'em, let me know. :) We think this will work better than our living room floor. Haha! We found a work desk today at Ikea that we'll get soon. We want everything to get organized before we try bring anything else that big in here. I am interested in purchasing a label maker and have been trying to scope things out on ebay. Any suggestions?


Blogger Jessica said...

Hello! Thanks for your sweet note on my fotolog site. So much fun stuff to look at on your blog! Good for you for getting organized - I have yet to fully tame all of my art/craft/etc. gear. I keep thinking I'll come up with the perfect system, so until I do, it'll still be the living room floor for me!

11:06 PM  
Blogger Jessica said...

P.S. I hope you'll join in on the collaborative coloring book project I'm hosting! Details are here...


11:08 PM  

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