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Thursday, February 10, 2005

Birthday Wishlist

This is my birthday wishlist. Hehe. :) My birthday is March 17th so I am giving you plenty of time. Oh, I'm just kidding. But seriously, you can if you want to. ;)

As Pictured (left to right, top to bottom):
1. "Jeu" Steel Ring from Neissing.
2. "Shop and Awe Issue #1" from Obsessive Consumption.
3. Bone Folder- Paper Source or Stampin' Up!.
4. "Itty Bitty Necklace" (dots and pods!) from Small Things Designs.
5. "Native Flowers Journal" from Jill Bliss.
6. "Donut Dolls" from My Paper Crane.
7. "What Did You Buy Today?" Book from Obsessive Consumption.
8. "Get Crafty" Book from get crafty.
9. "Journal Textblock" from Paper Source.
10. "Pocket Book" from lovely design.
11. "louis xvi double-caned vanity" from Anthropologie. Item #56005.
12. (not pictured) "Heat Embossing Tool" from Stampin' Up!.

Ok, so I had to add these! :)
13. "Chlorine" Bracelet from Superhero Designs.
14. "Viola double Blossom pin" from Liquid Sky Arts.
15. "Blue Crystal Drop Chandelier" from Anthropologie.


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cool stuff you did

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