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Friday, March 04, 2005


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Aren't these BEAUTIFUL? :D Thank you Grams and Papa for the early birthday gift! I had so much fun today with my mom and grandma! We met up at the mall for some shopping and lunch before my grandma goes back to Atlanta. I showed her this set at Ben Bridge Jewelers because I just love this rose gold and she bought it for me. :D I can't stop looking at myself in the mirror! Haha. :) I showed Alex a matching ring and he thought that was pretty funny. ;) I do like this one too. :D It's a fun shape and 1/2 the price of the first one. I also got my wedding and engagement rings polished today. I'm embarrased to say for the first time in (almost) a year. Wow.

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I got the new Platinum Edition, 2 Disc Special Edition of Bambi, too!! :D (Thanks Grams and Papa!) I am so happy to add this to my ever growing Disney movie collection. :D Go here for some fun facts and trivia about the original release of Bambi in 1942. One interesting fact is "The movie lost money at the box office for the first run, but began to recoup its considerable cost (over $2,000,000) during the 1947 re-release." I am so glad they were persistant with this great classic!

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On another note, I've been knit-happy lately. I've now purchased the "premiere" and "music" (Spring/Summer 2005) issues of knit.1 magazine, a spinoff of Vogue Knitting.

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I also purchsed these adorable books of images and patterns of knits for toddlers/children (and one other, not pictured). Such cute stuff!

Okay, so is this pathetic or what? Being that I can't knit! Hahaha...

I have decided to take a class, though, because I just can't teach myself from a book. I'm more of a visual type.


Blogger Jes said...

I just love that necklace!!

Learning to knit is SOOO much easier when you have someone to show you...I could never have figured it out by those hand pictures!!!

4:20 AM  

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