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Saturday, February 26, 2005

Japanese Marketplace and Second Hand Shopping

today's goodies 02.26

Today my hubby and I went to Mitsuwa (Japanese Marketplace) and Lighthouse Thrift Store. With $100 in my pocket, I found so many AWESOME goodies! I kept some of you in mind too! ;)

Pictured we have three fun giftbags, vintage plates (7 total), candy that looks like sushi, small pieces of fabric, postcards in Japanese and French, specialty candies, hand creme, magnets, vintage and newer books (second hand), oragami paper, stickers, a craft book in Japanese, and two Japanese children's books. I can't read or understand Japanese but these illustrations are to die for. I would like to think that I found some fabulous goodies today! :D

today's goodies view today's goodies view i today's goodies view ii today's goodies view iii today's goodies view iv today's goodies view v


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