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Sunday, February 27, 2005

I want this.... and... that

Okay, there are so many things I *love* that I've decided to make a second birthday wishlist. Haha. You're laughing at me now, I know it. :P Seriously, it's such fun stuff! So, take a gander. And now, in no particular order:

1. This poncho pattern from Stitch Diva Studios. ($7)
2. This Lagniappe Bouquet of fabulously fun and colorful flowers from Sundance. ($78)
3. The Victorian Wirework Card Collector from Sundance. ($18)
4. The bottom two beaded necklaces at bmod jewelry. ("Preppy" $50 and "Cranberry Orange" $60)
5. This ADORABLE bird (of course ;)) mug by Tania. Here is her shop! :D ($15.99)
6. This pink poppy pouch AND the California poppy pouch from Uplifting Arts. What fun these are! :D ($6 each)
7. FELT BEADS! and "Caterpilars" (felt bracelets) from Lili La Malice. (Beads $7.50; Bead Kits $12; Felt Bracelets $22)
8. This Green House Recycled Journal from The Turtle Press. (Small Journal $3.50)
9. This Flowers + Stripes Handbag I mentioned in an earlier post from Bird in a Skirt. ($48)
10. A Peculiar Posy Pin from Sparrow Goods. Super cute website. :D ($18)

11. I *heart* two of the necklaces from Jewerly by Jessica. My favorites is the right one of the second row and the left one on the third row. ($20 each)
12. This Make-A-Plate Kit to make fun plates like Jill Bliss created here.
13. I love, love, love these pillows (either one!) from Fred Flare. ($32 each)
14. A Peeps! Marshmallow Maker!! I can't believe you can buy this! What fun! :D Hehe. You can get it at Fred Flare. ($26 for maker / $8 for mixes)
15. Any of the felted broaches found at Supermaggie.
16. ANY of these Fashion Fever Barbie Dolls from, yes... Barbie.com. I absolutely love these and I collect 'em! :D (Typically $9.99 each)
17. Kathy says I don't need one of these *wink*.. but I still want one! I love 'em all but my fave. is the "delight" passport/ wallet from Plum Party. ($25)
18. Speaking of Plum Party I love these totally unrealistic but fabulously bling-blingy iridescent shuga bud earphones for the iPod Mini, as seen on Good Morning America! ($45)
19. I would love to have my very own iPod Mini in really any of the colors but silver seeing as I am currently sharing with Alex. And really, how can you share an iPod? ;) ($199)
20. A "modbird" from Lisa with modbird design. ($50)
21. Last but not least(!) Disney is re-releasing, for the first time on DVD, an all-new, digitally remastered, Bambi on March 1st! ($19.99)


Blogger Janey said...

Now I'll have to go to each of these sites. And here I thought I was going to have a drawing night and now it turns out to be a web surfing one instead. I think I'm going to enjoy it though. Thanks for neat links!

2:52 PM  

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