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Tuesday, November 01, 2005

"A Place to Bark"

For auction is this fabulous one of a kind art book featuring more than 30 ORIGINAL pages of art by a variety of artists. This book was featured in the Winter issue of Cloth.Paper.Scissors. All proceeds from this book will be donated to "A Place to Bark" which is mixed media artist, Bernie Berlin's animal rescue.

Posted here are just a small sampling of the gorgeous pages in this book. Each is an original, unique piece of art by a handful of artists including Claudine Hellmuth, Sarah Fishburn, Maija Lepore, Debbie Metti, Barbe St. John, Shoshanah Jennings, Heather Simpson-Bluhm and more...

Ebay Item #: 7362818211
or click here to bid!

I didn't actually contribute to this book (I suck! ;) ) but will definitely be bidding! It's for a great cause so I wanted to tell you all about it! :)


Blogger aunt kim said...

What a great book!

9:54 AM  
Blogger Amy Solovay said...

Oh wow, that is incredible. I just took a look at the auction, thinking I would bid on this book for my friend's Christmas present, but I bet this one is going to end high. It's a great book!

7:16 PM  
Blogger Ruth Rae said...

I tried to post twice over on your other blog so with my luck it will show up 3 times! so please forgive in advance! are you the one that put this project together? I just wanted to know if I was in this book?

9:47 AM  

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