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Friday, January 27, 2006

In the Works

If you've been to love, joleen recently, you've seen that the shop is currently down. Never fear, we have so many new things in the works my head is spinning! Hehe. I'll be working with Katey of One Good Bumblebee + Haha Web Design again. I've been wanting to do a redesign since before the holidays and we'll be getting to work on that starting next week. I felt that it was time for me to refocus, which I've been meaning to go into detail about. Instead of trying to be a "Jo" of all trades, I want to try to focus on a few things.

In the future there may be a few handknit items + possibly some sewn goods. For the most part I am sticking to paper + art. The new site will carry collage + card kits, more fine art: mixed media collages, framed artwork, assemblages, and handmade greeting cards. The thing I am most excited about is a new custom section. Here, I will have a portfolio of past commisions- customized invitations + announcements. I would like to have a questionaire that you, my potential client, fills out, giving me enough information regarding the job for a quote. I may also have a page of invitations/ announcements that you can choose from and personalize (vs. complete customization) with listed prices. A lot of thought is going into this new venture and I'm excited for you to see it! Does anyone have any suggestions in things you'd like to see? I would really appreciate feedback! ♥


Anonymous Ky said...

i am so excited for you and the growth in your online store! can't wait to see what you're cooking up!

5:48 PM  
Blogger *aimee* said...

Joleen, this is such a great idea. I don't have a need right now but I would totally utilize your services. You are amazing and your paper crafts are definitely one of your strong suits. I can't wait to see the new site. Good luck.

7:43 PM  
Blogger kelly said...

yippee!!!! how exciting. i can't wait to see the new site!

8:57 PM  
Blogger Jes said...

Joleen...can't wait to check out the new goods!!!

You really DO know how I've felt lately!!

2:51 AM  
Blogger The Crafty-Girl™ said...

hi joleen...i'm going to be sending my vintage valentine pages, but i can't find your address! Would you please email it to me? I'm off to the CHA show this morning, so i will be sending them to you from Vegas...hope all is well...kelly :)

6:26 AM  

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