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Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Questions Answered, Etc.

our 1st dolly family photo
{Our first dolly family photo!}
First of all, thank you for your super sweet comments regarding my hair. I don't know how "brave" it was. I kind of viewed it as rebellious thing. Against myself and my ideas of structure. Against anyone who doesn't like it. It wasn't about being even or "perfect" but the epitome of carefree! Plus, it grows back so quickly- any damage would have been temporary. ;)

So there are just a couple of questions from the recent comments that I'd like to address. I'll do it here in case you were wondering as well. Soleclaw wanted to know why Maileena didn't go to the meet. There are two reasons. One was that I was running a wee bit late and she wasn't fully dressed. It didn't occur to me to finish dressing her there... der. So, she had to wait in the car.. *sniff* The second (and very embarrassing!!) reason makes me feel oh-so-bad that I haven't been able to share it with you until now. The day she arrived I thought I would welcome her with a special dress. So I had her on the ironing board while I was fitting her and then took her over to the table to work. I noticed there was something on the bottom with her hand and when I went to take it off I realized that I had burnt her with the iron. Oh the shame! I cried and cried. If there is anything good about what happened it's that you cannot notice it unless you're really looking... see here how her right hand is bent a bit? The other good thing is that she is my only girl that can hold things like this.

To the person wondering what Blythe dolls were, check out This is Blythe for just about anything you'd want to know!

Karissa and I took a short trip to the beach today. It felt like going home and hurt my heart to leave so soon. There are more photos from our trip here, including one of us sitting in traffic for 3 hours. Argh.

Ok, I'll try to think of some new topics for the rest of the week... ;) Thanks for indulging me.


Blogger soleclaw said...

Oh, you were probably just really nervous, that's why you didn't think to dress Maileena at the meet. I'm sure she harbors no ill will toward you. ;)

The pic of her with the icecream in her hand is priceless.

8:06 AM  
Blogger Laura said...

I absolutely love the Blythe pictures!!!!! Whenever you have them on I get excited!!!

10:27 AM  

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