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Monday, December 04, 2006


{alex took this photograph of me + aimee on thanksgiving}
hi friends!
i hope you had a wonderful, fabulous, super duper weekend. i had a very busy weekend but that's not news to you, i'm sure. we spent most of saturday running errands but at night we had ourselves a little holiday bake-n-make-a-thon. today i worked- the kids came over at 10 this morning and they ended up staying the night tonight. this is alright by me- OT is always good + it means i get to stay in my pj's longer tomorrow morning. :) i've also spent today finishing up the last of my portion of portals: issue #4. i still have an article to layout and am waiting on some photography permissions + article contributions before i can be completely done. i believe heather will have the issue #4 purchase button up this week. for now, you can purchase issues #1-3 as a gift to yourself or someone else on your holiday list! :) i know all of you are as busy as i am between your regular schedules and added holiday chaos but please, please take a moment or two to pray & light a candle for the kim family.
be safe. xo, j

update: praise god! kati and the girls have been found, alive. mr. kim is still missing- please remember him in your thoughts + prayers!


Anonymous moki said...

I hope you get a nice long break soon :)

12:49 PM  
Blogger Emily said...

Oh, I know what you mean about the Kims...I've been following them as well. I really hope they find Mr. Kim as well. Definitely sending positive thoughts/prayers.

7:18 PM  

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