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Saturday, March 05, 2005

What a cutie! :D

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My sister, Aimee, and her new, sweet, (and currently unnamed) puppy! :D He is eight weeks old; part Toy Chiuhaua and part Miniature Pincher. :D She got him today as an early birthday gift! I can't wait to meet him! He's a total cutie!


Blogger Grams said...

What a tootie cutie of a puppy! Only this family can love someone enough to pick out a personal gift like this. Aimee, I am with you always in spirit. Good luck potty training this one. Remember use the litter box method, ok? I love you and I love Joleen.

God bless,
Grandma Um

5:15 PM  
Blogger Yvonne said...

Yay for puppies :o)

2:31 AM  
Anonymous Johnny Lamar said...

Wishing you all the best!

11:49 AM  

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