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Tuesday, November 28, 2006

holiday traditions

i'm not sure how long my mom has had this doll, but for as long as i remember she's been a part of our holiday decor. given my affinity to dolls, it was no surprise that i looked for her to go up every year. she's so beautiful- down to the every last detail (i just love the holly + berries, don't you?). (you can view here in her entirety here.) a couple of years ago i was completely tickled when my mom gave her to me along with some tree ornaments from my childhood. my mother in law very thoughtfully gave us some of alex's childhood ornaments as well and we now proudly display these collections each year.

do you have any traditions like this? any "decoration" of sentimental value?


Blogger Joleen's Mom said...

That doll is now about 20 years old. She looks great for her age, don't you think? When you and Aimee were little, I did home parties for House of Lloyd/Christmas Around the World. As a single Mom, this was the only way to earn your Christmas presents. It tickles me that you still have it and cherish it the way that you do. Thank You!
My favorite tradition is the tree going up the day after Thanksgiving. Every single ornament ever hand made by you girls is on that tree along with a single, dated ornament from each year. There is also the Baby's First Christmas Ornaments for all six of you girls, as well as the dated ornaments for special occasions like a new home or things like that. The angel that sits on top of the tree was also from House of Lloyd and has sat on the top of our tree for about 20 years. She is falling apart and required surgery this year before going up. I was looking at new angels at Target to replace her, but came across serious opposition from Sarah, so she remains faithful at the tree's top. Hopefully, today, my blog will have pix. Family, Food, and Fun....Traditions that cannot be replaced. May God bless you and all of your reader's Holiday Season!

8:36 AM  
Anonymous Cerri said...

I unfortunately do not have anything from my own childhood. (My Mom was just not that sentimental) However, for my own girls, I have been collecting them a new ornament every year, usually something to do with their interests from the year and when they have their own family, I will pass all of those ornaments to them. I date each ornament and sign each box, "love, Momma". I'm hoping that they will cherish and treasure those as you do the things from you Mom. I think that is wonderful that she has given you such a wonderful link to your past!

9:37 AM  
Anonymous eireann said...

my mom made a really beautiful advent calendar before i was born, and that's really the thing i equate with christmastime. i wish i had photos of it! maybe i will ask her to take some.


3:03 PM  

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