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Saturday, April 09, 2005

Oiseaux (birds)

Une Oiseau Deax Oiseaux Trois Oiseaux
(Click to Enlarge!!)

High quality prints of mixed media collages on 90 lb. glossy cardstock; Limited Edition of 15(of each design); 4.75" x 6.75"; Original artwork created with watercolor, specialty paper, vintage advertisement, colored pencil, and ink; From left to right: "Une Oiseau", "Deux Oiseaux", "Trois Oiseaux"; $20 each or the edition of 3 prints for $50. Soon found at love, joleen. If interested beforehand please feel free to email me! :D I love how these turned out!

*note* (May 04,2005) I have decided to change the price (drastically, go you! :D ) to $8 each.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Jo: I love these! I am so jealous of your talent and proud at the same time. I'm so confused! :> Mom

4:44 PM  

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