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Thursday, March 31, 2005

knit wit *hehe*

yarn tote
Originally uploaded by joleenieweenie.

Isn't this the cutest tote bag!? It's a "beach bag" I bought at Target today that I think will be perfect for my knitting & crocheting projects! There is a smaller green compartment in the middle so I can have three seperate projects in tote!

Those are two scarves I am working on. The "pear green" one of the right is the same type of yarn I just used to make a "cabana blue" scarf the other day. You can see that "raspberry" and "grape" are waiting! :D These will make those perfectly fun & funky summer scarves I was mentioning before!

In other good news, www.lovejoleen.com is now mine (*scary voice* all mine!..hehehe) and the website and shop are officially underway! Also, I have a new email (in addition to the old)... joleen@lovejoleen.com.


Blogger jo said...

Congradualtions on owning your own domain! It is fun knowing that it is all yours:)

8:36 AM  

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