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Saturday, May 21, 2005

the small object rocks my socks!

the small object
I got my order from the small object today and it's friggin' awesome! :) oh, how i ♥ it all! I purchased these collector cards and album, as well as this (now, sold out) apple pan dowdy print. It actually isn't 100% like the link because she worked on it more before putting them in her shop but you get the idea. :) I love it so much! I framed it and now it's in my kitchen above the stove.
the small object
meet lucy! isn't she so totally adorable??
see her in the garden, lying out, and in her new home:
lucy in the garden lucy lying out lucy at home
I got lots of other fun goodies that you should get too- like the I'm Rubber & Your Glue Sticker Set! Thanks Sarah- once again your objects rocked my socks off!


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