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Wednesday, December 07, 2005

{take flight} update

Hi friends,
Sorry it's taken a while to get back to you all! Rest assured that I have recieved your comments on my blog and your emails. I've been quite busy this holiday season as I'm sure most of you are! I just wanted to give you an update on the book. We had a few drops from the book and one person who didn't send enough pages but in the end we had just enough pages to make the right amount of books! I had hoped to have your books to you already as the week after the pages were due I stayed up late collating, counting, and bagging each of the books to take to the printer. As some of you know I had a major issue with my local kinkos. They've bounded books for me in the past (be it only one at a time) so I brought in my big box of books feelings proud of myself and confident. I was there for quite some time only for them to tell me that they couldn't (wouldn't if you ask me) bind the books. So we called a binder who said they also couldn't. I don't get it. Binding is what they do..it's not hard! Anyway, my gusto was deflated and I set it aside for a week. And then it was another week and next thing I know it's after Thanksgiving! I'm sorry guys. So here's where we are. I want you to have them BEFORE Christmas.. I'm sticking to that goal. I took a book to Office Depot to see if it could be bound and she wasn't exactly sure but seemed a lot more confident. I will know today if they will do it. A couple of you had requested in the beginning to just be sent pages and those will go out this week. If they can bind these books then I will have them early next week and will send them out right then and there. Today I am getting the boxes ready to ship to you. If for some reason they choose not to do the books, I saw that Jan had offered to bind them.. and that's awesome - thank you. I'm going to TRY TRY to find a way to get them done this week! Promise! I will be sending another email in a couple days for another update on status and if for some awful reason I don't please feel free to berate me via email. :)
I hope you're all well! I can't wait to get these books off to you- they're beautiful and you'll love them!

♥ joleen


Blogger The Crafty-Girl™ said...

Pleeeeeeeeease don't worry yourself over this! There are so many things that are more important right now. Seriously...we will enjoy getting the book just as much in January if not more!!! This is the last thing you need to worry about...pleeeeeease cut yourself a break and just enjoy this holiday season...
ARe there any other participants that agree with me here? Maybe if 7 or 8 of us post a message, we can convince Joleen to leave the book issues until after the holidays???

12:23 PM  

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