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Tuesday, May 09, 2006

{introduction - part ii}

i didn't really feel like smiling today. too tired i guess. maybe feeling just a little bit funky. love that my pants hanging on the towel rack made it into this photo. LOL my top is from target (it's maternity but you can't tell and i think it's super cute); earrings from erin elizabeth jewelry (website opens tomorrow. LOVE this girl!). it's day 9 of the {month of moi} and i can't believe i've made it even this far. you can view all of my self portraits here. and speaking of self portraits, the theme for the entire month of may, over at self portrait challenge is introductions. last week i told you a little bit about me and asked who you were. kelli won the little contest but still hasn't emailed me with her mailing address. (if you're reading, kelli, please email me asap! thanks. :) )

five quirks about me
♥ i am an awful "rider". it doesn't matter what your record is, you're a bad driver.
♥ i have to at least flip through my magazines (that come via subscription) before anyone else can.
♥ i nearly always follow sugar with salt. and vice versa.
♥ i love the children's show charlie and lola so much i make my charge watch at least one episode a day.
♥ i wear tank tops nearly everyday but i hate my arms.

ok, your turn. 5 quirks about you (by wed. noon pst) to be entered in a contest to win a small handcarved stamp, like this one. i'm not going to show you what it is and ruin the surprise! :) good luck!

ps- oh! almost forgot. here's my page for the {mermaid} fatbook i'm in.. 49 more to go. nothing like the last minute. oy!


Anonymous brandi said...

1. I have to eat my M&Ms ONLY after separating the colors and eating them in order that that I end with an equal amount of each color.
2. I only like the skinny cheetos.
3. I too, do the salt/sweet, sweet/salt thing.
4. I tend to treat everything (especially inanimate objects) as if they have feelings.
5. I have to read at least one new poem a day.

10:47 AM  
Blogger vivage said...

When I do yoga, my yoga mat *must* be totally straight. It cannot be crooked at all.

I am a crafter, that counts as quirkly to most of my friends.

My shoes *must* match my clothes.

I detest blinking led lights: alarm clocks, tv's, stereos, answering machines.

I cannot drive over bridges.

10:48 AM  
Blogger gkgirl said...

quirky me.

1. i craved the smell of permanent markers when i was pregnant.

2. i hate the word moist.

3. my arms are double jointed and gross people out.

4. i'm 36 and i still love grossing people out with my deformed arms.

5. i always add one year onto my age...i'm really only 35...i think...

11:00 AM  
Blogger African Kelli said...

Yipppee I won!! But I do not have your email address. Mine is: africankelli at gmail dot com. I hope to hear from you soon. WOO HOO!

11:05 AM  
Blogger la vie en rose said...

5 quirks...

i always read with my mouth moving

i have a certain way i like to store our rubbermaid containers and nobody better deviate from it

i usually always drink with a straw

i never take ice with my water

when i order a drink from sonic i always ask for extra ice because their ice is the best, best, best!

11:18 AM  
Blogger Sofia Barao said...

anouther cute contest to win something even cutter oh myyyyyyy :) here I am again :)

1- I never EVER EVER EVER drink an iced drink it's impossible I hate all drinks with ice :) even under a hot hot sun ....
2- I always wait 3 hours before bathing after eating this is weird I know, but my mom told me this when I was a kid and it stayed...
3-It's vital to me to eat my breakfast in front of my emails...can't be other way !!!!
4-I buy tons and tons and tons of necklaces and earrings and most of the time I don't wear any :-( :-( I forget....:-(
5-My favorite flavour is cinnamon, cinnamon everything: on ice cream, on yougourt, on cookies, on chocolate, on "fromage blanc" (almost like yougurt from France) and even sometimes in food....yes I know I'm crazyyyyyyyyyy !!!! :)

Love your portraits :)

12:10 PM  
Blogger Dreamer said...

These are great! the world id full of quirky people :P

1. Ketchup, mustard, and mayonaise all gross me out (though if I do eat them with the exception of mustard, they are in very small amounts).

2. I apologize to spiders when I kill them (I don't like them but still feel bad :(

3. I talk to my dog like she's a person.

4. I too treat everything like they have feelings (I have to put by teddybears in a certain way so that they're "comfortable").

5. Sometimes I talk in my sleep. I found out that if I'm in a deep sleep, as I'm coming out of it I kinda say whatever I was in my dream. I would describe the situations but there's not enough room!


12:47 PM  
Blogger Joleen's Mom said...

5 quirks?

1. Everything must be semetrical. I even plant plants and flowers semetrically. They don't grow that way, but they're planted that way!

2. I never use a ruler or level to hang pictures. I do it all by eye. If it's not right, (much to my husband's dismay) I pull it out and nail it again and again until it's perfect.

3. I always have my hand's on everything that everyone does. ie: if my husband cleans off the table, I rearrange the napkins and salt/pepper shakers to exactly where they go. Contrary to what my husband says about me always having to have the last word, I just want them where I want them! It's where they go!!!!!

4. I plan all my errands in a circle. I can't stand zig zags! It's a waste of my time!

5. I write lists....losts of lists. It's how I stay organized and make sure I don't forget anything. (I think I am a little bit of a control freak!)

1:33 PM  
Blogger Sandrine (alias Didine ♥ ) said...

1. I never drink the entire bowl (or cup) of hot chocolate. I'm superstitious !
2. My favourite word is supercalifragilisticexpialidocious ! (I hope it's correct in english !)
3. When I close the door (from house or car) with a key I always forget in a second if a turn the key so I have to check twice !
4. During nearly 2 decades I never eat the little "hat" cutted off the boiled egg ! Now I eat it :)
5. Only very few people know that I have some eye sights (visions ?) because I'm sure they think I'm nutty !!! (cccchhhhhuuuut ! it's a secret :) !!)
Have a sweet night full of lovely dreams ! Smooches

1:43 PM  
Blogger trudesign said...

1. I am a horrible speller. I'm a graphic designer and have sent out postcards with mistakes!

2. I can't eat leftovers. They gross me out, I can't even drink milk when the date is today.

3. I can't eat the last bite on my plate. I have to leave a little something there. I must have wasted a TON of food over my lifetime.

4. I can talk inside my mouth, you can totally understand me when I talk with my mouth closed.

5. I have parts of both legs that are numb and I dont know why and am too lazy to go to the doctor!

2:32 PM  
Blogger erin_elizabeth_ said...

Joleen! Thanks for the mention! I'm glad you like your earrings! I have so much to do before my site opens tomorrow, but I'm procrastinating by listing my five quirks.....

1. I can't eat mixed foods. Like shephards pie. It makes me crazy! And I have to eat all of one kind of food off my plate before moving on to another kind. Like I have to eat all the hamburger before I eat the fries.

2. I make a million lists. Lists of everything - including Lists of lists!

3. I hate spelling mistakes! I always point them out on menus or signs.

4. I find commercials more entertaining than most TV shows!

5. I have to read my horoscope every day, even though I am skeptical of its validity.

By the way, I LOVE your mermaid page! I wish I didn't have to drop from that book!

3:51 PM  
Blogger nienke said...

Haha, great one! i loved to read everyone's posts. i recognize some them, so... only 5? well here's 'the best' of me:

1. I always read the last page of a magazine first (next week in...) and i rip inspiring images out, even from magazines that belong to cafés... shame on me

2. I have to write things down, or else i will forget it. especially dates and times. i always carry around a little notebook and a pen. if i forget the book i write everything on the top of my hands, but then people always ask me what i wrote on them.

3. speaking of hands, i hate mine! they're always sweaty, but in an abnormal way. i always joke that in a past life i was a garden hose. Ii love working with paper, but sometimes i just can't because of my hands. positive side it that they can get really hot and I can 'cure' back pains. my mom is very glad with this, ha!

4. My favorite drink is this strawberry-milk kind of drink. I always have 3 or more bottles in my fridge and I always drink straight from the bottle. I even drink this in the middle of the night!

5. I dream a lot. Everyday i have had at least 4 dreams and i always remember them. (see how this contradicts with number 2?) most of them are scary ones, but it kinds of fascinates me anyways.

4:24 PM  
Blogger stefani said...

Wow! There are quite a few people that have the same quirks as I do. Makes me feel better. Here are some that I don’t think anyone else has said (I don'tknow if I should be happy about that or not)

* I like to eat my Jell-O (especially cherry) mixed with milk.

* I am a terrible back seat driver. I even had my own ‘back seat drivers license’ when I was younger. Imagine feet on dashboard type of back seat driving. If I don’t drive I usually get car sick (from the stress I think).

* According to my husband I can’t say sandwich – always comes out as ‘sang-witch’

* I don’t like using new things. If I buy a new rug it usually sits in the bag because I don’t want it to get dirty. If I buy crafting supplies I don’t like to use them because I may just have the perfect project for them later on.

* I like piles. I usually have little (or big) piles all over the place. Drives my husband crazy but I can tell you everything that is in that pile!

Yeah…..I am a mess. LOL!

4:50 PM  
Blogger Rachel said...

1) Every time I use milk, I sniff before I pour.

2) I always clip my nails over the toilet and flush them immediately.

3) I always mispronouce Jim Jarmusch's last name.

4) I buy fabric but I don't know how to sew.

5) I am one of those "toilet paper goes OVER the roll" type of people. And I enforce it.

5:49 PM  
Blogger Teresa said...

1. I can't eat potatoes without salt
2. I have long hair but never wear it down
3. I eat salt on radishes too & Watermelon (I must be hungry :)
4. I don't like shoes with laces
5. I don't like to have my picture taken

6:13 PM  
Blogger Tatterededge said...

1. Quilts MUST be placed on the bed the "right" way-when you stand at the foot, you must be able to see the design. I can't stand it going on sideways or upside down-I will get up and fix it every time!!

2. I eat corn on the cob with a fork. I learned this from my Gramps and everyone who sees me do it thinks I'm weird.

3. I cannot stand wet socks. If my feet get wet, I am DONE.

4. I will not ride anywhere in a minivan or SUV but the front passenger seat. (I was in two car accidents 2 years ago, within 3 days of each other, both times in a mini van in the SAME SEAT-First set of bench seats, closest to the sliding door- and ended up with a head injury. It freaks me out now to sit there.)

5. I leave the last sip of every drink in the bottom of the glass. I have no idea why, I just do.

6:45 PM  
Blogger Deb R said...

I like your self-portrait!

Ok, quirks:

1. I won't look at or read a single page of a magazine until I've flipped through and taken out each and every postcard trying to sell me something and gotten rid of them.

2. All my dogs and cats that I've ever had always have multiple names - first, middle, last names (just like people) and also several nicknames each.

3. I can't stand having the sheets or blankets tucked in on a bed I'm sleeping in. They have to be completely free-floating on all four sides or I Can NOT sleep there.

4. Also I have to sleep with one foot outside the covers. I may have my head buried in the blankets, but one foot will be peaking out.

5. The thought of my teeth, tongue, or lips touching a wooden popsicle stick freaks me out so bad I can hardly type it. (shudder)

9:00 PM  
Blogger Amanda said...

My quirks:

1. I love sweet tea but won't drink any tea from the bottom of the tea jug.

2. I can't stand to be touched when I am sleeping, no arms or legs laying over on me.

3. I have to make a grocery list and a menu for two weeks before going to the grocery store. And buy everything that is on the list and nothing else.

4. I suck the pimentos out of green olives.

5. Everything in my house has a certain place and I can't stand it when Lynn or Amber move anything. I can ALWAYS tell.


9:42 AM  
Blogger zarah said...

- I can't create without making a huge messa around me
- I remember things/events/people through smells
- I love blowing bubbles
- I don't usually remember my dreams when I wake up, but when I do, I realize they're extremelly long, complex and detailed
- I tend to save every little piece of paper, every little scrap of fabric (no matter how small)

Good job with the "month of moi" project:)

10:13 AM  
Blogger kcg33 said...

Hi I'm new- but I have been reading your blog for a little while and thought I would join in!

So here are some quirks:

I always have at least 5 books or more that I want to read at a time, but I am an incredibly slow reader. I need to read every page with a pen to take notes so I feel like I'm really experiencing a book.

Even at the fanciest restaurants I have ever been to, I always put ketchup on my steak. I think it just tastes better! And I don't care if its not sophisticated- its my night out on the town

When I can't sleep I clean my apartment. Some of my most sleepless nights have resulted in my most productive cleaning sprees

It took me more than a year to really *like* yoga. I knew it was good for me, I knew it was healthy and peaceful and meditative. But I couldn’t get it! Even still sometimes I'll be in class thinking- why not just take a nap?

Sometimes I read the best parts of my book out loud to my dog. Nothing like having a captive audience :)

8:25 PM  

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