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Thursday, October 12, 2006

Contest: Earliest Memories

Alex and I are leaving for our first week long vacation (without family) tomorrow after work and we're quite excited. I am not sure I'll be getting online so I hope you all have an excellent upcoming week! When we drive back we're going directly to the hotel where the gala is at next Saturday so I'll be sure to take lots of photos. We went and picked out Alex's tux so I can't wait to see how it all comes together. :) Since it's been quite a bit, I leave you with a contest (the prize being the above pouch). Anyone can enter simply by leaving a comment with one (or more) of your earliest childhood memories. This contest will continue until midnight, Saturday, Oct. 21st. I look forward to your replies! xo


Anonymous moki said...

I was3 years old. My bedroom had a door to the living room and one to the kitchen...lol maybe I was sleeping in a dining room?! I got up before my mom one morning, got into the cupbaord, pulled out the big container of flour and sat there eating it. I still love eating dough LOL
Also I remember watching The Mickey Mouse Club and my dad always listened to Dr. Demento (w/ hubba bubba commercials) weird details, huh?

11:42 PM  
Blogger thesoulofhope said...

My earliest childhood memory is from what I now think was pre-preschool. I remember wanting to go on the tire swing. I can still see the other girl on it, I was pushing her so she would swing far, but she would not give me a turn. So I pushed really hard to knock her off. I do not remember actually DOING it, but I must have succeeded because in the same memory my mind jumps to being upset that I was scolded and had to sit on a bench watching other children play! I was never good at sharing… and still have issues with it!

7:00 AM  
Blogger gkgirl said...


one of my earliest memories
is in the big red apartment building
and i am in my underwear
watching sesame street
and seeing a red glow on the
white kitchen door
and thinking it is the sun
and shutting the curtain,
but the red doesn't go away
and so i go in the kitchen
and the toaster is on fire
and i run out in the hall
calling for my mom
who was at my grandmother's
right next door.

i was about 4 or so.

i don't know how much of that
memory is real
and how much i invented over
the years...

8:30 AM  
Anonymous Carrie said...

Standing in the courtyard of our local hospital, holding my grandmother's hand while she pointed to a window about 4 floors up where my mom and dad were holding my new baby brother up to the window so I could see him .

Little kids weren't allowed into the nursey back then - it was the only way to see him until mom and dad brought him home a few days later.

8:45 AM  
Blogger African Kelli said...

Oooh, I won your last contest. So maybe I have good luck. My earliest memory is my parents bringing my little brother home from the hospital and holding him. Then as a a family we planted a tree in the front yard to mark the occasion. My hippie parents knew what they were doing. Pretty cool family tradition, in retrospect.
I was 2 1/2.

10:34 AM  
Blogger edina said...

My earliest memory is also of my parents bringing home my baby brother...I remember the first thing my mom did after walking through the door was put him on their bed and cut his finger and toenails! I was 3 1/2.

10:49 AM  
Blogger la vie en rose said...

hope you have an excellent week...

hmmm...let's see...i remember my grandmother bringing my sister and i figurines of ragedy ann and andy...i got to pick 1st because i was the oldest...i really wanted raggedy ann but chose andy because i wanted to be nice to my sister...

11:49 AM  
Blogger Karla said...

My earliest memory (I'm not sure if I was 3 or 4),and for some reason I had no undies on and my butt was wet (maybe I had pee on myself so I took 'em off?) an d my grandmother would give me the comics page from the news paper (I started reading at 4)and I sat on the page when I got up I remember passing by a mirrow and I saw the cartoon prints on my side and butt (so my mom says and a few pictures to prove it)I miss the innocence of been a child!

2:48 PM  
Blogger Heather said...

God I think my first memory was from when I was about 4 or 5. I remember nursery school at Halloween and i was dressed as a lion with a big fluffy yarn mane. My Mom made it.

Have a fun trip!

3:36 PM  
Anonymous geek+nerd said...

Oh my goodness - I adore this pouch! I've wanted it ever since you put it in your Etsy shop! Gah! Poorness! But tut tut, on to the story, maybe I can win it in a sportsmanlike manner...

I think one of my earliest childhood memories would involve bedtime. My parents read to me every single night - up until sixth grade! They would rotate schedules and each parent had distinct differences. My mom would read me a story, then wrap my feet in my baby blanket, then take my bedspread and tuck it underneath different points of my body so I would be like a big burrito blanket mummy. Then she would turn out the lights and tickle my face lightly, and usually I would fall asleep before the last part when she would make circles on my face with her finger and touch my nose to finish. My dad however would read me stories (that I knew by heart even if I couldn't read) and ...embellish. Which caused me to yell for mom and say that "Daddy isn't weading it white" creating much unrest before bedtime to my mother's chagrine and father's delight. Then after the main story, he told me the same story night after night about Ookapadooka - a horse with big brown eyes that belonged to a cute little girl, (not unlike myself). She would feed him carrots and hay and sugar and he (my dad) would NAYYYY after each treat. And then his big brown eyes would get droopy and the horse would fall asleep :)

Wow that was a long comment - I think I'm going to copy/paste this to my blog LOL - thanks for the writing prompt!

5:45 PM  
Blogger Mama Urchin said...

I remember playing with toys sitting on the hardwood floor in my parents dimly lit bedroom while my mother is in the bed. That's the entire memory but I know from my mom that what I'm probably remembering is when she was on bedrest while pregnant with my sister, I was about 3 years old.

7:33 PM  
Anonymous Laurie G. (morningk) said...

An early memory is from 1969 when I was 5. My dad, big brother and I were driving in the car at night, and they were talking about how there was a man on the moon (the astronaut landing). They said if I looked real hard at the moon I might see him waving. I kept looking but couldn't see the astronaut!

I also remember around mother's day of the prior year, my mom said SHE had a present for US for mother's day. My big brother and I were very excited and my brother asked if it was "animal, vegetable or mineral." She said "animal." We got excited thinking we were getting a puppy. We guessed all types of animals and she kept saying guess again. We finally guessed "monkey?" And mom said, "kind of." We were confused wondering if we were getting a baboon or something. Then we finally learned it was a baby brother, due in October!

I think it's sweet that so many first memories people are posting relate to the arrival of our younger siblings! xo Thanks for the idea Joleen, these were fun to read.

8:42 PM  
Blogger Funky Finds said...

What an adorable pouch! My earliest childhood memory is of me in a foofoo yellow Easter dress when I was about 3 or 4. I loved it so much & refused to take it off for days! :)

6:32 AM  
Blogger joy madison said...

in my grandpa's backyard....they said, "grandpa is retiring, he'll be able to play with you more." I think I was only 2, could that be possible? I definately remember them explaining what "retired" meant. Have fun on your vacation!!!!!

11:32 AM  
Blogger Shell said...

My earliest memory is of me and my grandfather going 'elephant hunting' in the paddock next to our house. We used to sneak around with a butterfly net talking like David Attenborough and catching imaginary elephants. I must have been about 4 years old.

Sometimes while we were hunting we would come across a sick goat (also imaginary) and we would have to administer it an imaginary needle full of imaginary medicine. Grandpa used to make funny elephant trumpets and bleeting goat noises to add effect. :)

You know, I use the word 'imaginary' above quite a lot, but in my mind I can still actually see the elephants and the sick goat.

My grandpa died last year and I spent a good week at his bedside trying to comfort him. We had a special bond and it seems fitting that my earliest memories should involve him. I credit him with kickstarting my imagination.

6:25 PM  
Blogger Toryssa said...

I remember bits and pieces... I remember running and jumping in the baths my Dad would run. And laughing when he came to get it and I was there already. I remember playing barbies with my boy cousins, and that it was a real triumph for me. There were more of them and I always had to play "boy" games. I remember a big tree painted on the wall of my preschool.

7:20 PM  
Blogger Lori S-C said...

The bag reminded me of lying on my bed in my childhood bedroom. The wallpaper on the wall near my head was red, white and blue flowers. The seams of the wallpaper caught my attention, and my curious little fingers started working their way under the paper until the seams were coming apart. My mother was not too happy with me, but the paper remained on the wall for many years after that.
I remember being in the same place and hearing pounding on the other side of the wall. It wasn't until I was much older that I realized that the headboard of my parents bed was banging on the wall. Good thing I didn't figure out what was going on at the time....

8:52 PM  
Blogger Life Aboard said...

Well... when I was about 4 I remember getting pink eye from my cat. She used to sleep on my bed at night, much to my parent's chagrin. Anyway, I had to get eye drops put in but disliked that process immensely. So my parents came up with a bribery scheme. They gave me a penny each time they had to give me eye drops. I remember lying on the living room floor getting these eye drops and knowing that my reward of a penny was coming!

6:22 PM  
Blogger maria said...

I grew up on the countryside in a very small village consisting of 4 households. Our neighbours were farmers and they had a garage that a man, living a few kilometers away, rented. This man was working with repairing cars (I don't know what it's called in English. Mechanic?). Anyway, he was very kind but my sister and I found him a bit scary because his hands were always dirty of the black car oil (motor oil). One day, in the summer (I must have been three or four and my sister one or two), it had been raining during the night and it was mud outside. I suggested to my sister that we'd play car mechanics, just like our neighbour. We knew nothing about cars, but we did know that he was always dirty. So we put mud on our hands and arms and feet and legs ... We were terrible dirty, but when I explained to mom why we looked like that she couldn't help but laugh ;-)

10:50 PM  
Anonymous jen w. said...

My earliest memory...
baking christmas cookies with my mom. i remember wearing a too-big apron and my arms were covered with flour. i remember having so much fun.....

12:47 PM  
Anonymous michelle blaise said...

Hmmm...the earliest I can remember I think I was three, maybe four. My older brother and I catching frogs at my dad's friend's (Gus) house. I remember how red his (Gus's) face got from laughing at me trying to hold the frog in my pretty little dress while trying not to let it touch my dress. Gus was a big, round, jovial Polish man with a really deep laugh who had no children of his own. It was always nice to go to his house - until I grew "too cool" to hang out with 2 old guys. I remember, years later when my dad told me Gus had passed, how terrible I felt for not visiting more. . . sigh.
I don't have a blog - thanks for letting me remember.

12:56 PM  
Blogger creative kismet said...

On of my earliest memories is of me living in a small house with my mom, grandparents and my aunt and uncle. I remember climbing on my uncles back when he would take a nap and drawing on his white t-shirt with pens and markers. It was great fun when he would wake up and start growling like a bear and chase me around the house. I was probably about 4.

2:48 PM  
Blogger Emily said...

One of my earliest childhood memories was staring out an upstairs window in my parents first home. I remember looking out and seeing the bright yellow leaves of the gingko tree swaying in the wind. I remember just feeling so good and happy in that sunlit corner watching the leaves move...

8:10 PM  
Blogger pedalpower said...

Well, my earliest is kind of wierd...I remember my dad sitting on the edge of the bed puttting on black socks. I was probably about 4. Now I know that then my dad was a 29 year old veteran working on his master's degree and working at the library to support us (mom and 3 girls--i was the oldest!).

I also remember laying with my head in mom's lap while she brushed my hair. I still love to do that!

10:22 PM  
Anonymous Tsoniki said...

I remember being four years old and in headstart (sort of like preschool). I was standing at the top of the spiral slide and remember a couple of friends behind me. Someone was in front of me and someone was going down the slide. I know everything was just going SOOOO slow because one of the kids behind me asked what was taking so long.

I'd have to think on anything before that. LOL

7:32 PM  

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