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Thursday, October 06, 2005

{happy anniversary}

I know this looks like a shiny pretty blur but its my new wedding band. In August, when the weather was hot and my fingers were swollen, and we were driving around looking for a place to live- I took my original wedding band off. For some reason, after we first got our Tahoe I kept dropping things between the seats. This was no exception. I dropped my ring between the passenger and middle seats in the front and said I'd look for it when we got to the next place.

When we stopped, I got out of the car and moved the seat back and forth and didn't see it. I know this sounds horrible but I wasn't really concerned for about a week. I told my mom about it and the next time she came to visit she did a thourough search for the ring to no avail. I have to assume that when I stood up it had actually been on my lap and fell in the gutter. My wedding band. My platinum & diamond wedding band. :/

Fast forward to this past weekend. My parents were in LA shopping for a new "wedding ring" or anniversary ring for my mom for their 10th anniversary (a year early ;) ) and they traded in a ring (from a prior engagement of mine) that I gave my mom, to get me a new wedding band. Wasn't that so incredibly thoughtful of them?!

They are SO thoughtful. My mom is always sending me surprises in the mail they both really take care of Alex and I. They are such an encouragement and inspiring example in my life.

To My Mom & My Brad,
Happy Anniversary! I love you!


Blogger Heather said...

That is so sweet. You Mom sounds like an incredibly wonderful and supportive Mom. What a nice thing she ( they) did for you. Its heartbreaking to lose a special piece of jewelry!!

11:21 AM  
Blogger aunt kim said...

O.M.G. Joleen when your mom told me of your loss I was so sad for you but at the same time she told me what she and Brad did and I could not have been for excited for you. I know you can never replace the one that Alex put on your finger but I think this one comes real close. I am so happy for you :) Have a wonderful day :)

12:27 PM  
Blogger *aimee* said...

How awesome is that!?! Yeah, our parents are pretty cool. I am glad you like it. Aunt Kim is right, it isn't the ring but it comes in second with such style. :o)

1:29 PM  
Blogger andrea said...

so sorry you lost your ring! I can relate to your anguish-- several years ago, I lost my engagement ring. it is still a complete mystery as to what happened to it. we turned my apartment upside down and never, ever figured out where it went! I was so sad. but then we found a beautiful vintage one (white gold, circa 1940s) at an antique shop for a very low price and so I was happy again. glad to hear your story has a happy ending, too...!

6:40 PM  
Blogger Simply Me said...


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