Friday, March 31, 2006

{Creative Projects}

some favorites to cheer me up!
{some cheery flickr favorites on a dreary day}
Recently, Kath of red current listed 52 creative projects based on Jeffrey Yamaguchi's book 52 Projects. I've been a fan of the whole idea behind Jeffrey's book since I first heard about it! My Art Challenge is even a project on his website What's Your Project?. This site is full of wonderful project ideas to kick start your creativity. If you have your own project idea I encourage you to email him so he can add it to the website! In the fall of last year I started a quick journal entry on 100 things to do before 30. I only got to #50 before stopping but since being inspired by Kath, I've started my own list of CREATIVE projects and plans. Here are some of those:
  1. Scrapbook the last couple of years
  2. Create a garden journal - Yay! I've started this...
  3. Be published
  4. Host an art exhibition
  5. Teach a class
  6. Redesign + update website
  7. Make items + artwork for holiday boutique
  8. Create a line of rubber stamps
  9. Host another Art Challenge- am working on some ideas to do this slightly differently
  10. Revamp "Lending Talents"
  11. Finish cleaning/organizing studio
  12. Sew a quilt
  13. Knit something from a pattern
  14. Host a pretty party
  15. Create a Beautiful Sunday blog/website
  16. Participate in altered book/journal round robin with new people - In a rotation started by Delila
  17. Publish zine- premiere issue of Portals has been released *woot*
  18. Participate in Wardrobe Remix for 14 days
  19. Create photoshop/ blog banner tutorial
  20. Finally revamp desk
more to come...

Thursday, March 30, 2006

{garden journal} + yummy fabric

garden journal montage
First of all, do you see that fabric?? I scored both of these on sale for $2/yard and you have no idea how much I love them (especially the wee pink and blue flowers *swoon*)! I really want to make spring skirts out of these but I got plenty so I can use some in my attempts at quilting too. Yesterday, I briefly mentioned a garden journal in the works. I've been trying to come up with a way to keep my porch garden photos together uniquely. The more I thought about it the more I wanted a place to keep care cards and notes as well. I think keeping this journal will serve as a wonderful way to inspire me and document my garden endeavors. Here is my first layout but lots more to come.. soonish.

You can see everything individually (and larger) here.

Wednesday, March 29, 2006

i ♥ target

i ♥ target
Some people use gift cards to get things they need. Some people wait until they're shopping anyway to use 'em. Me? Gift cards burn a hole in my pocket. Upon recieving a giftcard I typically do not pass go and collect $200. I head straight to the store in question and purchase whatever meets my fancy- realistic or not. The last of my birthday celebrations was on Sunday (where I recieved a few different giftcards). Monday I went to Borders and got a blank journal which is turning into a garden journal (more on this later), two beautiful postcards, and a home decor book (I'll have to get back to you on the name Better Homes and Gardens' first home with style) that was on sale for less than $5! Tuesday I went to Barnes & Nobel where I purchased Denyse Schmidt Quilts, 30 Colorful Quilt and Patchwork Projects and the latest copy of Legacy. A super duper congratulations to Celine whose artwork is on the cover! Today I graced Target with my presense (ha ha ha *snort*). Above is the loot I came home with. Why does this store, like, cater to moi?

Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Congratulations, Megan!

Congratulations, Megan!
Congratulations, Megan for winning the Spring Contest!

Wow! I got so many wonderful suggestions! I can't wait to look into these books; movies; items. Thank you for taking the time to give your recomendations!

Sunday, March 26, 2006


Yay for having my computer (and photoshop!) back! Yay for Spring! Yay for contests! ♥

up for grabs:
foam brush
specialty paper bits (4" x 4")
two acrylic paints
mini canvas
chocolate in the cutest tin!
bag 'o bits

To be entered in the valentine giveaway you had to tell me two things you love. For this contest you have to leave a comment- recommending two tangible things to me (book, movie, item to purchase, etc.). ALSO, you can't put the same answer as anyone else or it doesn't count. Be creative and have fun! Contest ends at 12 noon Tuesday, March 28th.

{beautiul sunday} WHITE

{beautiful sunday} sneak peek
{beautiful sunday} sneak peek

Since I showed you a sneak peek of the {WHITE} fatbook cover in the last post, it is only fitting that I share with you some of the pages I've recieved. Pages for this book are rolling in and they're all so beautiful and inspiring. I want to share some with you as my contribution to Beautiful Sunday.

Click on the images to see a larger version as well as the artist's names. I have also updated the list so if you're part of this book and have sent your sets please verify that I've recieved them. Also, this is a reminder to the other participants that pages and fees are due this week.

Saturday, March 25, 2006

so lovely

The last few days have been absolutely perfect (I love Spring!). I love this weather- the sunlight and cool breeze- my favorite time of year. We took the sidewalk chalk out for the first time a couple of days ago. Not bad for a first timer, eh? ;) I designed the {WHITE} chunky book cover which I don't usually show before the book is released but this time I wanted to. I still have to digitally add the text then print, cut, and embellish all 52 pages. Whoa. I stayed up until 1:30 this morning making more birdhouses. They're addictive! I am quite pleased with the result. These three are for me but Heather suggested I sell them, too. I think I will add them to the shop when I finally post a redesign and update. Believe it or not, I plan to start creating items for the holidays (e.g. Christmas) because my Mom and I plan on doing boutique(s) this year! I'll probably set some aside for this too. This morning I worked in my porch garden some. Oh, it's so pretty! I added more photos to my {porch garden} series. I hope you're having a beautiful weekend!
note: she didn't draw it; she's only 20 months (in a couple days) but it sure looks like it, huh? :)

Thursday, March 23, 2006

{corners of my home} birdhouse

{corners of my home} birdhouse

My contribution to Corners of My Home this week technically isn't a corner or my home, but it is A home.. a home that I just made pretty, to add to my ever-growing collection of birdhouses + cages. I hope you like it! Another angle here. Oh, oh! Speaking of birdhouse (OMG!) check this out! She says it's from Target and oh my, I've never seen it! If you do, pick one up, and I'll pay ya for it! xo

note: fixed the link! thanks!

Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Enough about me...

I just realized there are entirely too many photographs of moi on this blog. haha! Here is something different:


My mom (whose stopped blogging and commenting, boo :P) just gave me this awesome birdcage (thank you!)- I'm going to fix it up a bit (paint and add some odds 'n ends) and make it all pretty like in the magazine. I'll show you when I'm done! I bought that little birdy at an antique store and made that wee jar floral arrangement with a hydrangea plant. I'm finally creating again. I can't wait to share all the new goodies. Also, not to be a tease but be on the lookout for another contest! ;)

Here are some of my favorite beautiful blogs:

Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Time {SPT}

The theme for this month's Self-portrait Tuesday challenge is "Time". I wanted to do something like I did back in November so I gave myself a minute to take a bunch of photos with silly faces. It never fails to make me laugh!

More from this set can be found on my flickr page. More self-portraits found here.

Monday, March 20, 2006


Dear Alex,
It's amazing how love changes and grows over the years and through various stages of our lives. You came into my life nearly 8 years ago and little did I know what that would mean. You've been my very best friend through the important transition into adulthood. You've supported and loved me through the best and the worst of times. We've laughed, we've cried. Oh, how we've laughed! We share stories and dreams and there is no one I'd rather share with. This last year has been the most amazing yet. I could not have imagined loving you any more than I did two years ago today, but I do! Every moment that passes I find myself falling more in love with you. I am continually thanking God for giving me such a beautiful handsome, intelligent, witty man for a husband. We have so much fun living life and I am happier now than ever before. Thank you for being you. I love you. Happy Anniversary, sweetheart.

Sunday, March 19, 2006

{birthday weekend}

Thank you SO much for all the kind birthday wishes! I feel so special and blessed to have friends like you! I had a wonderful birthday weekend, starting with a paid holiday from work. Yay! ;) I got to sleep in and take my time getting ready for the day. I met Alex for lunch and great conversation. I got a beautiful bouquet of birthday flowers delivered from him, too! My best friend, Candice, came to spend another weekend with us! Friday night the three of us went out for dinner and drinks. Saturday, Aimee came over to the house. Her, Candice, and I went to the mall for some shopping! Then, Alex met us and the four of us drove to Downtown Disney to meet my parents and sister, Sarah, for dinner. It was really great to get together and they surprised me with a yummy cake for dessert! They had to go afterward because they'd already been there most of the day but we stayed. First we saw V for Vendetta which was totally amazing! It is sersiously now in my top 5 movies ever. VERY good; go see it. After the movie we went to the ESPN Zone for a drink and games. That was fun! We spent our time mostly playing the mini bowling game and shooting hoops. Anyhow, it was a super great weekend! You can see some photos of it here.
Oh yeah! These photos dub as my Beautiful Sunday submission. View more here.

Friday, March 17, 2006

{happy birthday, me}

i am 23 today.
and such a goof.

Thursday, March 16, 2006

{Portals} zine release

Don't forget to get your copy of our premiere issue (released March 15th)! Limited Edition of 100 so act fast! :) Visit the website for more information and to get your copy now! :)

Monday, March 13, 2006


On Saturday my Mom and I threw a surprise birthday party for my sister, Aimee. She turned 21 on Friday! We had a pink and red themed party and she was definitely surprised! Yay! :) You can view more photos by clicking on the image above. It was a great weekend full of fun, family, friends... I cut my hair (6 inches!), hosted the party at my home, had a friend stay the weekend, went shopping, relaxed. Now for a busy week- but I have a positive outlook!

Thank you SO much to everyone who commented on the previous post. I'm okay- still taking it easy and won't blog often, for now, but I wanted to check in and tell you that I am doing well! xo

Wednesday, March 08, 2006

{a little break}

polaroid series

i've been sick and i have a lot going on that unfortunately i can't talk about here. i need to take a little blogging break because, really, i'm starting to freak out. please pray for me or think happy thoughts. i need to just make the right decisions for my family and for ME. thanks! xo

polaroid series

Sunday, March 05, 2006

{beautiful sunday} visit

{beautiful sunday}

good friends
new friends
swings at the beach
twirling tutus
glittery porches
painted fingers
zine publishing

just a few beautiful things about visiting friends

more beautiful things here

Friday, March 03, 2006


More porch garden photos here!

I went to Lowes yesterday for flowers and in line I met a beautiful elderly woman. She turned to me and said, "You've either just bought a new home or are expecting company". I laughed and told her it was the latter. We chatted off and on for a bit and she left. I was so tickled by her vibrancy and great demeanor. She came back with her car but needed help loading her car so I left my cart and helped her. Two people came up to me later to tell me how sweet that was. I'm telling you this, not for a pat on the back but to tell you how wonderful it feels to help someone else. I felt exhilarated and happy. I felt beautiful. I challenge you this weekend to do something for someone else that you wouldn't normally do. Look for the opportunity to help. Have a great weekend! xo

Thursday, March 02, 2006

{corners of my home} week 7

{corners of my home}

This is a corner of my kitchen. I hate the cupboard- wish I could paint it or line the back or something but we're renters.. hmm.. this is such a mish mash of dishes but I love everything. each set has it's own unique look that appeals to me. More Corners Here.

Wednesday, March 01, 2006

happy march!

{happy march}

Ah, March. My favorite month of the year. It seems like half the world celebrates their birthday this month and I love it! It's like one big party or something. Alex and I will be married two years on the 20th so that makes for one wonderful 4 day weekend this year (the 17th (my bday) being a Friday; the 20th- Monday). I'm not exactly sure we're doing anything "special" (like a trip) because for some reason this also happens to be my busiest month of the year. Why do I do it to myself, you ask? Oh, it's in the genes. ;) I wish I could list all the things I have planned but really, there isn't enough time in the day. The good thing is I'm excited about this month! Every single thing I've [over]commited to doing is going to be fabulous in the end, I just know it. And, I can't wait to share it with you, friends. Here are just a few of the things I am looking forward to:
Portals zine: Released March 15th; pre-order your copy now!
Heather and her little one, Hannah, coming for a visit tomorrow!
♥ Tea Cup Swap "hosted" by Beth of Just My Cup of Tea!
♥ New mixed media journal round robin with a group of super talented women! Thanks for organizing, Delila!